Is Keep Breathing Based On A True Story?

Each time a new TV show is released about survival in an extreme situation, It’s natural to consider how you’d do in the same circumstance.

Netflix’s most recent original show, Keep Breathing, is a survival-themed drama that stars Melissa Barrera as a single survivor trapped in the Canadian wilderness. You may be wondering if the story is an actual event in the Canadian wilderness.

The fear of flying is common for many people. This show may not provide much help in relieving the fear of flying, as the basis of the show is a crash of a plane that resulted in the situation of survival mentioned above. While plane crashes are real and tragic, they occur far more rarely than television and films would like you to believe.

Yet, when shows like this, Yellowjackets or even called Lost, first appeared, the public was intrigued by the real-life scenarios that might be the inspiration for these stories.

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Is Keep Breathing Based On A True Story?

According to our knowledge, this show isn’t inspired by any specific true tale. It doesn’t mean that a real historical event didn’t influence the writers in the past. However, they didn’t use any particular incident to create the scripts for the show. It’s also not based on a novel and is believed to be an original concept by the show’s creators, Martin Gero and Brendan Gall.

In most cases in the real world, even when plane crashes occur, if there are survivors, they tend to be rescued fairly swiftly, thanks to modern technology. However, this doesn’t mean that the scenario which occurs in the show isn’t possible or even out of possibilities, but it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be stuck somewhere where you could not, at a minimum, use your phone or your plane could be tracked by radar or other elements.

Are you planning on watching The Keep Breathing series on Netflix? The entire Six episodes from the series start streamed on July 28th.

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