Is Joi in Netflix’s The Mole a fictionalized version of Joi? Theories

The reality series ‘The Mole’ is a mix of deception, justified lies and paranoia. It lives up to its ABC reputation as a reality show. There is an evil saboteur among the twelve contestants who take on a variety of challenges to increase their chances of winning the grand prize. But that’s not the point. Now that the four first episodes of this rebooted extravaganza are on TV let’s see if Joi, the suspicious one, is really the traitor.

Is Joi Schweitzer The Mole?

Joi, if we are being honest, inadvertently placed a target on herself the moment she stepped into the game. Her comfort and confidence were high. Her taking a high-risk leadership position that didn’t yield any rewards and making it clear it was impossible to tell if she was double-bluffing or bluffing didn’t help. She’s a Commercial Airline Pilot by trade, but she couldn’t get her small team to the right place for their first mission.

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Joi didn’t clearly have a defense for this. Her actions during the Boggo Road Gaol prisonbreak in Brisbane also raise more questions than answers. Was she really unable to see the key just outside Kesi? Did she try her best to find clues in her own cell? Did she do her best to search her own cell for clues? Although it’s open-ended, she had a certain level of distrust. However, this feeling was briefly forgotten when she appeared to be more concerned about money than anything else during mission 3.

Things began to slip again after Joi decided to join the diving team rather than the flying squad for the Great Barrier Reef treasure hunting. Although she seemed to be doing her best, the feeling was short-lived as the challenge ended in failure, and Joi took home $25,000 of the $28,500 prize pool. Joi tried to get the elimination exemption in an exorbitant bid simply because she was completely unprepared.

It is important to remember that Joi was not part of any team that won substantial capital for the pot. This consistency remained constant through the fifth and sixth challenges. This could have been an opportunity for her to redeem herself, as it required navigational skills. However, she failed once again to deliver (alongside Jacob Hacker). There’s also the fact that she acknowledged she is greedy for an additional elimination exemption. She would even stop the group from adding $15,000 to the dwindling pot.

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Joi’s confidence has dropped from sky-high levels to low levels, and she seems to have lost all respect for the prize money. Either Joi is a great actress, or the game took a toll on her. We think it is the former because she didn’t show any fear during the missions and appeared focused. She even managed to unwaveringly bluff to get $15,000/another exemption.

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