Is Jared From Subway Still In Jail? What Happened With Jared From Subway? When Did Jared From Subway Go To Jail?  

 Jared Fogle from Subway: Jared Fogle was prominent in Subway’s advertising campaigns a few years back. Many people want to know where Jared Fogle is now. Jared Fogle gained popularity after claiming that he lost weight by following the Subway diet. Jared Fogle’s story went horribly wrong. Continue reading to learn if Jared from Subway is still in jail and what happened with Jared from Subway.

Jared from Subway is Still in Jail

Jared From Subway is currently in prison and has already served his sentence. Jared From Subway is currently in Federal Correctional Institution Englewood. His earliest release date would be March 24, 2029.

Do you remember the 2000s? Subway was considered one of the healthiest fast food options. Subway is a great place to lose weight. You can order one of their $5 footlongs and some decent sides. Jared Fogle, the “Subway Guy,” was a success story for the eatery. Subway was quick in pointing out that Fogle did not lose weight by eating Subway. However, this was enough to make Fogle a household name. He was everywhere during that time.

What happened to Jared from Subway?

Since his days as a “Subway guy,” he’s virtually gone from public view. Federal criminal enforcement agencies arrested Jared Fogle in 2010. He was accused of making “lewd remarks” about schoolgirls to Rochelle HermanWalrond. Rochelle saved these tapes as evidence that Jared was doing something wrong.

Russell Taylor, Fogle’s director, was found to be in possession of child porn. He was also part of the exchange of the items as the investigation progressed. According to evidence, Taylor also had illegal pornographic content in his possession. Further evidence was found that Fogle may have his own collection.

The FBI began an extensive investigation into Fogle. Fogle’s 2015 home was raided by the FBI, who confiscated computers, notebooks and other electronic devices. They found troubling text messages between Fogle, Cindy Mills, and the owner of Subway.

Jared Fogle pleaded guilty when the investigation was complete to the distribution of child pornography and traveling to engage in illegal sexual activities with a minor. He was sentenced to a 15-year term and eight months imprisonment for his crimes. He also received a heavy fine. He was also ordered to pay $175,000 in fines, forfeit $50,000 of assets and make 1.4 million payments to his victims. He will remain under surveillance by the state for the rest of his life, even after serving his sentence.

What Year Did Jared from Subway Go to Jail?

Fogle was sentenced in November 2015 to 15 years imprisonment for child pornography dealing and paying for sex. Fogle pleaded guilty in November 2015 to child pornography distribution, receipt, and traveling out of state for criminal sexual behavior with a minor.

Fogle, who had lost more than 200 pounds (90.7kg) while a college student, became a Subway salesman thanks to Subway’s sandwiches. Subway ended its partnership with Fogle in July 2015 after investigators raided his suburban Indianapolis home.

According to the Bureau of Prison records, Taylor was held in a federal jail in Yazoo City (Mississippi), while Fogle was held in a federal jail in Littleton, Colorado.

Jared from Subway Net Worth

Fogle and McLaughlin were married in August 2010. They have a son, Brady, and a girl named Quinn. Fogle’s net worth was $15 million in 2013. Jard Fogle’s net worth is estimated to reach $4 million by 2021.

Fogle was well-known in media circles in 1999. When he switched to Subway, Fogle changed his eating habits to eat less. Subway introduced a “Tour de Pants” promotion in 2008 to honor Fogle’s ten-year ten-year weight loss. He founded the Jared Foundation in 2004, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents, schools and community organizations about childhood obesity.

Are You Looking for Jared from Subway Today?

Fogle will still be serving time in federal prison in 2021 for his crimes. After completing his 13-year sentence, Fogle will not be eligible to be released until 2029. We can be sure that we won’t hear anything from Fogle for quite some time. Subway has cut all ties with Fogle.

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