Is Hotel Gulacsy in Inventing Anna a Real Paris Hotel?

Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” The show follows the title character Anna Sorokin, an aspiring socialite who swam into New York high society and is a victim of many of the city’s rich individuals and institutions. Asserting herself to be a wealthy heiress, even though her family’s wealth sources are constantly changing.

The story begins when Anna is the first to enter the fashion scene in Europe. After a disastrous departure from Ibiza in which she was forced to leave an acquaintance’s yacht for not staying her stay, Anna and her friend Chase arrive in Paris.

A lot is going on during Paris Fashion Week as Anna’s pal Val believes that the curly socialite could suffer from serious issues. The story takes place in the grand Hotel Gulacsy, one of the many gorgeous backdrops which grace ‘Inventing Anne. There are other hotels featured in the film that exists in real life. What is the story of the Hotel Gulacsy located in Paris? Let’s find out.

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Is Hotel Gulacsy a real Paris Hotel?

Anna relocates to The Hotel Gulacsy in Paris in the show and starts helping Val, who is putting on two shows in conjunction with Fashion Week. He later tells the journalist Vivian Kent that when Chase and Anna are in Paris, it appears that there will be tension between the two.

It worsens when the couple, following numerous arguments, chooses to quit the hotel. But, it’s not until Chase demands Val verify Anna’s identity to verify if she is the person she claims to be. If Anna discovers this and realizes that she’s not able to fool Val further (also that he’s not wealthy), She abandons her boyfriend in Paris.

The Hotel Gulacsy, where all the drama plays out during episode 2 (‘The Anna Who Wore the Devil’), is not a real-world hotel. Some other elaborate buildings in the show, such as 281 Park Avenue and the lavish Hotel in Morocco, are real-world counterparts.

In fact, the 12 George Hotel, where Anna is staying for an extended period and has a meeting with Neff, is a real-world model. But, Hotel Gulacsy is a fictional location. The entire Paris incident, although there is a possibility that it may have occurred, is likely to be heavily embellished from the facts. Pressler’s article from 2018’s New York Magazine article, upon which the show is based, is unclear about the real-world counterpart to Val.

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Where is the Hotel Gulacsy? Where is it located?

The Hotel Gulacsy, located in Paris, is illustrated with the iconic Lotte New York Palace Hotel located right here within The Big Apple! The luxurious hotel is situated at 455 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan at the intersection of 50th Street and Madison Avenue. The miniseries was shot at several other famous spots in the city, too.

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