Is Heartbreak High (2022) a Reboot or a Sequel of the Original Show

“Heartbreak High” is a Netflix teen Drama series. The show is centered around the students at Hartley High and their struggles. Amerie (Ayesha Madon) is a student from a low-income background. The scathing mural she has painted depicting the illicit hook-ups of various students makes her an unpopular student in school. Thanks to the outsiders Quinn and Darren, Amerie sets out to repair her image and live her life as a normal teenage girl.

It was created in the hands of Michael Jenkins and Ben Gannon The first ‘Heartbreak High’ was written by Ben Gannon, and Michael aired on Network Ten between 1994 and 1996 and then on ABC TV between 1997 and 1999. It is a spin-off of The 1993 Australian feature film “The Heartbreak Kid,’ which was inspired by the stage play with the same title. If you’re wondering whether “Heartbreak High” is a remake or a sequel to the original series, we’ve got you covered.

Does Heartbreak High (2022) a reboot or a Sequel?

The 2022 series on Netflix’s Heartbreak High is a re-run of the original series but not the sequel. Hannah Carroll Chapman, Ben Gannon, and Michael Jenkins developed it. The Netflix series is set 30 years later than the first show and uses the basic storyline of the series from the 1990s to investigate themes that are fundamentally 2022. The new show doesn’t feature different versions of protagonists from the earlier show. Instead, it’s got its own characters.

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Chapman spoke to The Guardian in an interview in September 2022 and said that she’d been an avid follower of the show since she was a teen. “I had a fascination with this show as a teen. The opening credits music remains an adrenaline rush to me,” the actress said. “I watched every episode before we entered the scene room.”

Based on Executive Producer Carly Heaton, the early meetings regarding the reboot ignited the enthusiasm of all those involved in the 90s show. “Of course, the “rack off!” compilation circulated around, and it sparked everyone talking about their experiences with the show and the reasons why it was vital,” she said. “It was the authenticity I believe. There was an element of aspiration. You know that they didn’t wear uniforms and were cool, but their families were just like us, their homes were like ours, so we felt truly accepted.”

In an attempt to modernize the series 2022 the show, mature themes were introduced into the plot. The Netflix show focuses on gender identity, consent, sexual orientation, class exploitation, addiction to alcohol and drugs, and peer pressure. “[Heartbreak Highway revolutionary for its time, and so the group sat down and considered ‘What are some issues that must be addressed now?'” Heaton stated. “Class exploitation is a fundamental part of the story of the lower-middle socioeconomic category; it’s where most people were raised.

We desire aspiration, but not in the same way Heartbreak did it, They’re cool, and you want to be like the same However, some are struggling with single-parent families and people who work shift work. Television has often depicted that as a struggle and can be extremely dark, but there’s hope and love in this. If you’re not awash with much money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t enjoy an enjoyable life.”

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For Chapman, the project was a chance for her team to present Generation Z their version of Heartbreak High, which is why the eight-episode Netflix series is certainly an achievement in this regard.

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