Is Harlow really a Texas Town? Where Is it located?

The 2022 version of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a particularly twisty and gruesome one. The story begins with a group of young professionals who arrive in an abandoned Texas town to make it a fashionable new community. The young people become the victims of the murderous force living in their town.

Leatherface quickly takes care of most visitors using his trusty chainsaw. They are trapped in a ghost town, and no one can rescue them. Wealthy urbanites end up with a horrible fate. Harlow appears to be the setting of all the violence. Is the town possibly based on a real-world counterpart in Texas? Let’s see if Harlow is a Texas town.

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Is Harlow a real Texas town?

Melody and Lila are on their way to Harlow, along with their friends Dante & Ruth. The shopkeeper is not impressed with the young entrepreneurs who are hushed up at a gas station along the highway. The sheriff stops them and tells them to respect the area’s history. It is not clear at this time if the sheriff is referring to Leatherface and warning the children to be careful of the notorious mass murderer.

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Harlow was actually a Texas town. Although there aren’t many similarities between Harlow and its real-life counterpart, one thing is certain: both towns are sparsely populated. Harlow is shown in the film as a deserted town. It is claimed that Harlow once had a population of around 1300, according to a rusty and decayed board.

According to some reports, Harlow may have been established in the late 1800s. It was named Harlow after the Harlow family. The town is shown on maps dating back to the 1930s as a collection of farms and a single business establishment. It seems Harlow disappeared from highway maps in the 1980s, and the community may have become fragmented. One of the similarities between Harlow in real life and the movie is that they were both once settlements.

Where Is Harlow located?

Before removing it from maps, Harlow was previously located in central Hunt County, Texas. It was located approximately four miles from Greenville and west of State Highway 34.

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