Is Dream SMP Scripted Or Real

Dream SMP was a TV show or cinematic universe. It found its audience through a series of never-ending epic battles. The “Disc Saga” was played over countless hours. It turned a game (essentially) of capturing the flag into a dramatic tale about good versus evil as TommyInnit and Dream fought for control of the server, created L’Manberg for a particular group of creators, and joined the fray.

Is Dream SMP Scripted? The Minecraft audience was captivated by this all-out fight for independence from Dream. The Dream SMP is always brewing. But the small, funny, and sweet moments make each streamer a character worth rooting for. It’s not unlike comic-book heroes and villains.

Their fan base is even more impressive than their elaborate world. Archive of Our Own is dominated by Dream SMP fanfiction, Dream SMP fan art is all over Tumblr, Twitter, and Dream SMP songs (including an entire musical in the works) are uploaded to YouTube. Clip accounts are available to track Dream SMP stories. Full-blown animated fan-made episodes pay tribute to Dream SMP’s ongoing story.

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Is Dream SMP Scripted

There’s even a 24-hour news network dedicated to the universe’s story, hijinks, and other details. Although Dream SMP is only a Minecraft server project, it has become a global phenomenon thanks to a growing fan network.

It is often called “scripted,” but they mean outlined. It is best to understand that people plan for events in advance but don’t necessarily plan everything down to what they say. Schlatt, for example, was “scripted” by Tommy and Wilbur to exile Tommy from (L’)Manburg.

However, his speech, Tommy’s reactions, and other details were not recorded. They were created on the spot. After the independence war, S1 was “scripted.” Wilbur was the first to write it. After that, pretty much everyone was responsible for writing their own arcs. (Ex: Tommy and Dream For Exile). Wilbur will eventually return to the role of head writer.

Sometimes, people are intentionally left in the dark about what will happen next so they can have their true reactions (ex., Tommy’s reaction to the election results). Other times, errors occur that they must work around (ex., Techno canonically killing Quackity & Schlatt during the festival; the error was that Techno fired rockets rather than arrows). They were not supposed to die.

TLDR: It’s a mixture of both.

It is scripted, but the show runs mostly on improv (as Tubbo and Ranboo stated during a stream). There is no way to get the Dream SMP script. Would people watch Game of Thrones if it released its entire script (every plot twist, new character, and character development moment)?

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