Is Debbie Johnson From 90 Day The Single Life Dating Anyone?

The TLC show ‘ 90 Day Fiance was so well-loved that it opened the door for numerous exciting spinoffs like “90 Day The Single Life.’ As the title suggests, the show “90 Days The Single Life’ follows several singles who want to leave behind their previous relationships that failed and are eager to meet someone new to be able to settle down with. Thus, we observe these singles entering the dating scene, meeting new people, and finally, finding the love of their lives.

The story of Debbie Johnson is different from others since she was seen on ’90 Day Fiance season 6 as Colt’s mother. Even though Debbie was reluctant to change her life for long, she eventually decided to do so and said that Colt was a fan of the entire idea. So, with the fans wanting to find out whether Debbie has found a partner to be happy with, We decided to dive into the mix to learn!

Debbie Johnson’s Past Relationship

Before her 90 Day A single Life Journey,’ Debbie was married to Harley Johnson for 27 years. Debbie later confessed that she and Harley first met in a bar, where he challenged her to play a Pac-Man arcade game. Even though Harley won the game, the two Debbie resolved to keep their bond in the air and quickly became close friends. Over time, the friendship became romantic, and they got married in November 1982.

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Debbie and Harley were a wonderful couple in their marriage, and they even became proud parents of the son of their marriage, Colt. Debbie stated she felt that Harley helped her to feel special, and she misses him to this day. According to sources, Colt’s father died because of an unexpected cardiac attack that occurred in the year 2008, which left Debbie devastated. Although she was not in the process of finding a new partner, she devoted herself to her mom’s obligations and maintained Harley active in her heart. In the end, Debbie posted a beautiful photo on Instagram of the day that was their 37th anniversary of marriage and declared him to be the love of her life.

Is Debbie Johnson Dating Anyone?

In discussing her decision to return to the world of dating at 70, Debbie claimed that people older than her are usually scared or exhausted to begin fresh. So, she wanted to set an example and help others follow in her footsteps. She hoped people would not view the process of moving on negatively. Furthermore, Debbie also wanted to discover herself and was open to trying different things. Additionally, Colt stood in complete support of his mom and stated that he was happy with her choice.

On the show, Debbie was initially shocked because modern-day dating is very different from the kind of relationships she’s used to. Her friend, however, introduced her to an individual named Tony, who is from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and earns a good salary as a tenant. Debbie was a bit hesitant regarding meeting Tony at first, but she eventually met for a virtual date with him, and they appeared to be in a good relationship.

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Although Tony was not the type of person Debbie normally would choose, she was willing to test their relationship and even willing to be his guide should he ever travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. But, the current events suggest that the relationship may not have gone as planned since there aren’t any reports of their relationship or the fact that there is no particular person that can be seen in the posts on Debbie’s social media. But, she appears to be living her most enjoyable life, surrounded by family, friends and her beloved family.

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