Is Crown Camacho Dead? Is Quincy Brown Leaving Power Book III Raising Kanan?

“Power Volume III: Raising Kanan’ is a crime-drama show on Starz which serves as a prequel for the whole ‘ Power’ franchise. The story revolves around an innocent Kanan Stark, who eventually turns into one of the main antagonists (later the anti-villain) in the series main. The show reveals how Kanan changes from a promising student to a brutal drug lord and his family’s role in the process.

Directed in the film by Quincy Brown, Crown Camacho is one of the most important supporting characters in Power Book III’: Raising Kanan. He is a producer living in South Jamaica, Queens, and runs Bullet Proof Records with Lou Lou. If you’re wondering if Quincy Brown is leaving the show due to the events in episode 6 of season 2, We’ve got the answer. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Is Crown Camacho Dead?

While the relationship that exists between Crown Camacho and Lou Lou is friendly in the first season of “Power book III: Raising Kanan, the relationship becomes increasingly antagonistic in season two. Much of the reason is due to their often conflicting opinions on how to manage the studio. Due to Lou Lou’s experience and a general inability to grasp the intricate aspects of the music business, Camacho frequently mocks Lou Lou, often in private but directly to his face.

Lou Lou is the second-in-command in his sister’s vast drug empire. However, Lou Lou is the only one of the Thomas siblings seeking ways to escape this illegal enterprise. This studio serves as the expression of all his dreams and hopes for the future. Although he may not possess Camacho’s expertise in the music industry, his love for music is deep.

Camacho’s biggest mistake is to mistake Lou Lou’s patient nature as a weakness. In one of his business meetings, Camacho calls Lou Lou as the “money guy” when the other man is there. He may have grown more confident after discussing with Raq, in which he tried to persuade her to let Lou Lou leave the business. Unfortunately for Camacho, Raq informs Lou Lou about this, which seals his fate.

Camacho can also be the one who Jessica Figueroa cheats on Lou Lou. He also offers Jessica her job in Los Angeles as well. However, these things aren’t a problem for Lou Lou, and he says the same thing to Camacho when confronted by him. However, Camacho’s plan to eject him from the music industry is the ultimate blow for Lou Lou. Lou Lou attacks Camacho with an electric cord and then kills the musician.

Is Quincy Brown Leaving Power Book III: Raising Kanan?

While the initial season of “Power Book 3: Raising Kanan does not show the death of the main characters, the bodies are piling up in the second season. Quincy Brown has a stage name and an acting a singer who is known as the stage name Quincy. Apart from “Power Book III: Raising Kanan, the actor has also appeared as a Fox character in ‘Star’ and films such as ‘ Dope’ and ‘The Holiday calendar.’

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Although there’s been no specific indication by Quincy and the show’s producers, it’s reasonable to believe that Quincy will leave the show following his character’s passing. Before the episode aired on America, US, Quincy posted on Instagram an image of him dressed in the same clothes the character is killed in. The post even hinted at Camacho’s tragic fate.

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