Is Ace From Paid In Full Still Alive?

Is Ace from Paid in Full Still Alive? Paid in Full was a 2002 film by Charles Stone III and produced by Roc-A-Fella Films. The film is set in Harlem during the 1980s in the midst of Harlem’s Crack Epidemic. The film was extremely popular due to its actors. The question now is, is Ace from Paid in Full Still Around? And Who Is The Actual Ace From Paid in Full? For the answers, read the following article and get the full picture.

Is Ace from Paid In Full Around?

Yes! Ace from Paid in Full is alive, and he is aged 56. Azie Faison Jr., also known as the screen name A.Z., is an American rapper and former drug dealer. From 1983 to 1990, A.Z. made over $100,000 a week by trading cocaine in Harlem, New York, at the height of the American “War against Drugs.” Rapping became a way to warn people not to follow his path in an attempt to change his life. He founded the group Mobstyle with two releases with them in addition to an album by himself in 1991, titled StreetWise. He was also the basis of the 2002 documentary Paid in Full, and numerous rappers have made references to him.

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On November 10, 1964, Azie Faison, Jr. was born in Bronx, New York. A fire destroyed his family’s home in the year 1970, which forced them to move to Sugar Hill in Harlem. Before becoming a dealer in heroin, Faison dropped out of school in ninth grade and worked in the local dry cleaning service. The movie Scarface has significantly impacted the decision to become an entrepreneur in the field of drugs. In 1983, he was approached by Dominican dealers in cocaine who convinced him to sell the drug. Faison was established as a cocaine salesperson within his Harlem neighborhood by age 13, earning between $40,000 and $100,000 per week.

Who Is The Ace of The Full Paid-In Full?

Charles Stone III directed Paid in Full, the 2002 American crime-drama film. Ace (Wood Harris), Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) along with Rico (Cameron) Are inspired by Azie “AZ” Faison, Rich Porter, and Alpo Martinez, Three Harlem drug traffickers in the 1980s. The film’s title is an allusion to Eric B. Rakim’s album and their song from 1987.

The Real Ace from Paid in Full is named Azie Faison Jr., more popularly known as the nickname of the stage. A.Z. Ace is a fictional character that is based on Azie Faison, who was a drug dealer. In the 1980s, Azie Faison teamed up with Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter to become one of the biggest cocaine dealers in New York. Faison, along with Jay-Z, was named co-producers of the film. Wood Harris is an actor from the United States and is known for his films, including The Titans and Ant-Man.

The Story of Ace from Paid in Full

Ace is an 18-year-old man living within the Harlem slum with his sister and mother and works in a dead-end dry-cleaning store. Calvin, his sister’s boyfriend, is a successful dealer of cocaine, and Mitch Ace, his close friend, is a glam known drug dealer. Ace prefers to live an upright life despite both promising cheap money, luxury cars, and attractive women. Ace discovers cocaine hidden in one of his clients’ pants while working. Lulu is the client, is a dealer in cocaine, and permits Ace to retain the drug. Ace encounters one of his customers while Calvin is detained for narcotics and sells him cocaine in exchange for $100. Ace is so thrilled that Ace returns to Lulu to purchase additional cocaine to sell.

Paid in Full Cast

Below is a table that shows the paid-in Full Cast.

S.No Nom of Cast Character Name

1. Wood Harris Ace

2. Mekhi Phifer Mitch

3. Cameron Rico

4. Kevin Carroll Calvin

5. Esai Morales Luis “Lulu” Lujano

6. Chi McBride Pip

7. Remo Green Sonny

8. Cynthia Martells Dora

9. Elise Neal June

10. Regina Hall Keisha

11. Ron Cephas Jones Ice

12. Karen Andrew Cakes

13. Jonas Chernick Surgeon / Detective

14. Wes Williams Mitch’s Best Friend

15. Rufus Crawford Tommy

16. Jason Burke Street Runner

17. K. C. Collins Kid #1

18. Arnold Pinnock Wiry Man

19. Noreaga Runner

20. Doug E. Fresh He is the one who does it.

The Story Of Paid In Full

The story is based on the true story of an untold young man who rises to the highest levels of Harlem’s cocaine industry. Wood Harris plays Ace, the protagonist, modeled on the actual hustler Azie Faison. At the beginning of the movie, the ace is trapped in a rut working in a dry-cleaner’s shop. Calvin, the lover of his sister, is a notorious drug dealer who is trying to persuade Ace to take part in the drug trade by promising quick cash and fame. Ace is able to resist these desires by reminding Calvin that his outrageous behavior and bold approach to dealing with the law could put him in prison.

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Ace begins his life in the streets after encountering Lulu, a Columbian drug dealer after Calvin is detained. Ace builds a massive criminal empire of drugs within Harlem with the help of his buddy Mitch the real-life counterpart to hustler Rich Porter – played by Mekhi Phifer. They also have a partner and enforcer, Rico Rico, who plays the real-life hustler Alberto Martinez, otherwise known as “Alpo,” performed by Cameron. Ace, like most hustlers, is hesitant about drawing attention to his own activities and prefers to work in the dark.

Is Ace from Paid In Full Still Around Answers to FAQs

1. Is Ace from Paid In Full Still Alive?

Yes! Ace from Paid In Full is alive and 56 years old.

2. Who is the real Ace of the Full Payment?

The Real Ace from Paid In Full is Azie Faison Jr, more popular as A.Z. A.Z.

3. What is the Story Behind Ace from Paid In Full?

Ace is a young man living within the Harlem slum with his sister and mother and works at a defunct dry-cleaning shop. Calvin, his sister’s boyfriend, is a successful dealer in cocaine, and Mitch Ace, Ace’s closest friend, is a glam known drug dealer.

4. Who has played the role of Ace role as in Paid In Full?

Wood Harris has acted as the Ace character in the film Paid In Full.

5. Who has played Mitch’s role in Paid In Full?

Mekhi Phifer has played the Mitch character in the film Paid In Full.

6. Who has played the role of Calvin persona for Paid In Full?

Kevin Carroll has acted as the Calvin character in the film Paid In Full.

7. Who has played Rico? Rico persona as in Paid In Full?

Cameron has played the Rico character in the film Paid In Full.

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