The Ink Master Top 10 Winners: Who were the Most Effective Tatto Makers?

We all are captivated by the beautiful tattoos we’ve observed from Ink Master. Every contestant on the show is a pro in their way. And the manner they created cool, unique, beautiful tattoos is an amazing site to check out. It has been on the air since 2012, and each season has been spectacular and given us a glimpse of tattoos in a more refined form. Its IMDb score in the range of 7.4 to 10 is sufficient to demonstrate that the show isn’t similar to other reality TV shows. The show is hosted by Dave Navarro and Joel Madden. Ink Master has a huge fan base across the globe.

Tattoo artists from across the country take part in the show, and well-known tattoo enthusiasts and artists evaluate their talent based on their artistic talents. It’s a tight competition, and every participant is extremely gifted and excels. There are two Flash Challenges. After winning the challenge, tattoo artists are given the opportunity of being an individual canvas to display their skills. They receive the proper subjects for their work. After months of showing their abilities, a winner is chosen. Many of the viewers began watching the show behind, which means they’re not as familiar with the older winners. Let’s take a look at what’s on the Ink Master winners list and then see how the winners are accomplishing their goals after claiming titles and making a statement about their talent.

1. Shane O’Neill

Ink Master’s first season, Ink Master, premiered in 2012 It was the start of the show, and the contestants weren’t all that numerous. Shane O’Neill became the winner in the initial Season of Ink Master, he is famous throughout the country and has made his way toward success. He is famous for his detailed tattoos as well as charcoal and gray portraits. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and has been in business since 1997. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Tattoo Society, Rise Magazine, and Wet Red Ink.

Shane O’Neill made a skull and Japanese-style tattoo during the final fight in the show Ink Master. He won the tattoo of the week four times in the contest. If you’re aware of all the possibilities of tattoos, you’ve heard of the Chaudesaigues Award. If you don’t, the award is presented to people who are the best at tattooing. Shane O’Neill was on the jury of that award. And even started his own business following the award. The award. He is the owner of System One Tattoo Products, a business that sells products associated with tattoos, tattooing, and piercing. Shane O’Neill won the Title of Ink Master in the amount of $100,000 and was mentioned as a contributor to the Inked magazine.

2. Steve Tefft

Steve Tefft was able to be the winner of season 2 in the show Ink Master. He said that tattoos have been his favorite from the age of five years old. And when he first saw the grim reaper’s tattoo, the tattoo was a mystery to him and was immediately intrigued by the artwork. He hails to Connecticut and is a master of the genre of horror tattoos, and as young, drawing in his books. In the 90s, Steve Tefft entered the tattoo industry, purchased all the equipment, and began tattooing the hands of a friend.

He was aware of this that he wanted to make his love for tattoos an occupation, and began working at a tattoo studio and then opened his own business. Following his win at Ink Master, he used the funds to grow the business. Twelve Tattoos will be the brand name for the shop, and he utilized the funds to establish the shop as an ideal location for tattoos. He is extremely grateful for the experience he gained and is just similar to Shane O’Neill. He also won $100,000 and was featured in The Inked magazine.

3. Joey Hamilton

Joey Hamilton won season 3 of Ink Master, he was employed in the U.S. Air Force for several years, and after being in the army for over ten years, he began becoming interested in tattooing. He was an artist already, and when an acquaintance suggested that he consider tattooing ink, he began to explore it. Before being in the program and displaying his skills, he’d had the entire show’s cast adore the experience of 17 years and his art. He also has been featured on the TV show Inked as well as Ink Master Redemption after winning the title in season 3. Following his win, he started the shop together alongside Walter “Sausage” Frank, who was a contestant with him. The shop is named Revolt Tattoos, and it is currently in a number of places. Similar to the contestants of the first season, the winner also received $100,000 and was featured in the Inked magazine.

4. Scott Marshall

Sometimes, life’s plans change, Scott Marshall was the winner of Ink Master season 4, and his career was a dream ahead of him. However, the year 2015 saw him die of a fatal overdose of heroin, which happened within one year of the win. Many adored him, and when he took home the prize, the show, everyone was snubbed for it. Walter was the most popular artist for a long time, but ultimately, Scott Marshall was the real winner. He won $100,000 and an article in Inked magazine. His wife broke the sad news about his passing while Spike TV and the producers and creators of the show offered their condolences to Scott. Everyone was very sad about his passing. He had a successful job ahead, but this was the final chapter which was written specifically for Scott.

5. Jason Clay Dunn

Jason was an expert tattoo artist when at 19. He had a go at least twice in the competition, and the second time, he won. He also was in season 3, but he did not win through season 6 and was able to claim the title in season 5. He was well-known because of his contribution to a Neo-Asian style. He also received the support of fans struggling with anxiety. The studio he worked at was called Tattoo Alchemy but after ten years of business, the studio was shut down in the year 2020. He was a part of the spinoff Ink Master: Redemption, and as per his website, he’s doing small-scale tattoos as well as for larger commissions. Jason Clay Dunn decided to spend time with his family and his beloved ones. He is thankful for what he’s done all his life. He also received $100,000 as well as an appearance in Inked magazine.

6. Dave Kruseman

In season 6, many things changed, and the season that followed had fresh twists. He is extremely happy with the piece that earned him the crown in season 6. It was a nautical-themed tattoo , after all. He was extremely successful prior to beginning his journey with Ink Master. He has an in-store Olde Line Tattoo and is employed at the shop along with his wife. Customers had to make appointments in advance of eight months before getting tattoos at his studio. Once winning Ink Master, his business skyrocketed, and he even opened a second tattoo parlor , but the shop was shut down due to the pandemic. Dave has been at his job for over 20 years and has said he’s grateful for his decision to enter the business and doesn’t regret one bit joining the industry. He was awarded an award of Ink Master winner, $100,000 and a spot in Inked magazine, and also The 2015 Dodge Challenger.

7. Anthony Michaels

Anthony Michaels did not just take home the title in season 7 but also won hearts due to his talent and personality. He even came back on the show to assist and instruct the artists. He now has his own tattoo and piercing business named Twenty-Five Twelve, located situated in Tucson Arizona. He still enjoys doing black and gray portraits. Anthony Michaels also won the title of Ink Master and a cash prize of $100,000 and was featured in Inked magazine, just like the other participants in Ink Master’s earlier seasons.

8. Ryan Ashley Malarkey

It was the first season that an individual woman was the winner, Ryan Ashely Malarkey was the first woman to be the winner of the show. She also has appeared in Ink Master’s spinoffs. Ink Master is fashion-conscious, drawing inspiration from fashion, and this is evident in her tattoos. She finished her studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology, and when she began tattooing her fashion designer, she was inspired by her. Her victory gave voice to many women. Tattooing is a male-dominated profession; evidently, there’s an image of women being discriminated against in the field. It was only a matter for a period of five years before she was crowned the winner and her work was well-received and loved by the public. Ryan Ashley won the title of Ink Master with a prize of $100,000 and was included in Inked Magazine, Dodge Charger, and an artist guest spot at either Peck’s or Nunez’s tattoo shop. She is a gorgeous mother and is currently.

9. Aaron “Bubba” Irwin, DJ Tambe and

Season 9 was a series, and the time “Old Time Ink” was the winner. The audience appreciated their appearance. They both put in a lot of effort and did their best to take home the show and the title. Aaron Irwin, also known as Bubba and DJ Tambe, walked away with their title as Ink Master and won the honorary title Master Shop, along with an award of $200,000 and a profile in Inked magazine. Aaron Irwin now works at Nashville’s Branded Tattoo Company, and he is the proprietor. DJ Tambe is in Las Vegas and is employed as a judge at Bad Apple Tattoo, DJ Tambe has also appeared on Ink Master as a judge quite several times, and Aaron Irwin is still the co-owner of Old Time Ink, and there are two locations of the company at Mesa as well as Scottsdale located in Arizona.

10. Josh Payne

Josh Payne is well-known in the tattoo world and tattoo artists, so when he was on the show, it was evident that the show would prove difficult to beat Josh Payne, which was the truth. He was the winner of season 10 on Ink Master and even came back as a judge for season 12 as well as toured across the nation. Josh Payne has said that following the show, his business grew, and he was awed by every second of the show. After having done the show and winning, he had a lot of impressions on the work front. Josh Payne said that he enjoyed touring and working with tattoo artists who were new to him. He believes that both women and men are equal in the workplace but what’s important is their thoughts and not what they’re attached to. Josh Payne won the title of Ink Master with a prize of $100,000 and was featured in Inked magazine. He is currently employed by Art by Scissorhands, and Alchemist Art Studio in Cortland, New York.

11. Tony Medellin

Ink Master began with a smaller audience however, by the time it was over, the fan base has only increased to the point that being a winner of Ink Master for those who love tattoos was an incredible achievement. In fact, Tony Medellin thinks that too. Following the conclusion of season eleven of Ink Master, Tony said that he is still unable to believe that he has won the show and that it will continue to be difficult to believe. He stated that he went into the show with no expectations and believed it would only be capable of surviving just a few episodes, but the fact that he was able to win continues to be a shocker. Tony Medellin won the title of Ink Master, a cash prize of $100,000 and a prominent feature on The Inked magazine. In the past, he has broadened his work and has been working in many different areas like clothing, gold, jewelry, and English products. He’s still a fan of tattooing through his clothing business and has said that clothes are a way to make an impact.

12. Laura Marie

Laura Marie is the second female winner of Ink Master, she is located in Rochester and her work continues to be noticed through social media. She revealed that one of her teachers recently submitted her name to the contest and was chosen. She also spoke about how difficult it was to get used to initially because there were so many new contestants, and everyone is extremely gifted. Laura Marie said she was nervous from the first day because she was contemplating what judges would say and all the other things. She also discussed the drama of the season. In the final analysis, Laura Marie is really happy with all the knowledge she has gained. She is very young and at just 26. she runs her own business, which she has set up with her fellow friends. Her business is flourishing and she’s making waves in the tattoo industry. Laura Marie won the title of Ink Master with a prize of $100,000 as well as a spot in Inked magazine.

13. Bob Jones, Angel Rose and Jimmy Snaz

You might be wondering why there are three winners of Ink Master in season 13 and why is the Covid-19 pandemic. When the disease first started, many shows had to change their plans and have an entirely different ending at the middle. Season 13 started in 2020 in the month of January, and then the lockdowns began, and the show was shut off. The result was that Bob Jones, Angel Rose along with Jimmy Snaz got the prize. They all shared the cash, but no one was declared the winner and no one received their title as Ink Master during that season. The final was supposed to be a grand finale but was canceled. Bob Jones, Angel Rose as well as Jimmy Snaz shared the prize; however, the amount was not revealed as the three showed their canvasses on YouTube live.

14. Season 14 of the Season

Season 14 is in full swing at the moment, and was announced on September 7, 2022. It will be aired on November 2, 2022 as well. The person who wins Ink Master season 14 will receive an award of Ink Master and $250,000.

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