8+ Inspirational and Influential Social Studies Films

The autumn season has arrived, and many people are eager to stay warm in their homes. It’s the perfect time to be at home, reading a good book or watching an outstanding film. You can choose from a wide range of film types to pick for those who are sociology students. You may be interested in watching a sociology movie.

It is possible to learn about the current state of society and its viewpoint on certain issues through watching films, too, in addition to engaging in studies or in classes. So, what are the most inspirational and inspiring movies for sociology students?

1. I, Daniel Blake

I Daniel Blake is a sociological film that draws attention to the problems that many people. The problem of unemployment is just one of the issues in our society that hinders all individuals from growing as individuals and in society and living an enjoyable and secure life.

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Because of the pandemic worldwide, the number of people who were laid off and the number of unemployed is increasing. This is among the most inspiring movies for students studying sociology. How can people who don’t have the necessary skills that employers want to hire?

This is among the subjects you can discuss in class, too, since you can write hundreds of essays on sociology subjects you can write about. The films on sociology could be comparable to sample essays about human society. This is one of the films that will definitely inspire you.

2. City of God

A good film that you can stream on Netflix, City of God is a film in sociology that focuses attention on societal problems like inequality, poverty, and criminality. The story is set in a neighborhood in Rio, which is a place where crime and poverty levels are very quite high. The film is an opportunity to think about sociologists, but it also aids students in understanding how different societies can be in different regions of the world.

3. American Beauty

The subjects students study during their time in school are varied, particularly in the area of sociology. American Beauty is one of the most inspiring films as it focuses on the issue of shell marriages that are common in our society.

It’s about marriages that appear perfect on the outside. They seem to be able to live together, and they have a beautiful vehicle and house, children they care for and enjoy holidays all over the globe. But behind closed doorways, they have numerous unresolved issues and unfulfilled expectations. The film is about relationships and touches on issues like sexuality and divorce.

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4. Freedom Writers

Not just issues like sexuality among teens or shell marriages are on the minds of all of us, but there are also racial issues like discriminating between people belonging to different social classes. The film follows an aspiring teacher who wants to inspire students in the school. They have distinct ethnicities and are mostly from minorities.

We’ve all seen the way that governments and society neglect those who are less fortunate. In some cases, they don’t offer these people the same opportunity. This is an investigation into the emotions of a pupil who keeps a journal and writes down all his feelings.

5. This is England

Some sociology films that are inspirational and influential are easy to view. This is among them. The movie England This is an England film which tells the tale of a boy in his early teens who is brought to the dangers of crime from a young age. He discovers that he is a racist, a skinhead and a racist in England in the 1980s, which influences his view of the world.

6. Wonder

Have you ever thought about how the lives of people of all ages who suffer from disabilities? What is society’s view of as well as treating them? How do other people act in their interactions with them? How do they feel? Watch Wonder and learn about the Life of a boy who is afflicted with facial disfigurements and his school life.

7. Pride

It’s a fascinating film that is worth putting in your collection. It brings attention to issues in sociology like sexuality, social class, identity, and the impact of the laws and restrictions imposed by governments on individuals. It will encourage you to take action and put the stereotypes and prejudices be put aside because together, you can make a difference.

8. The Wife

The Wife is a film worth seeing, as it explores the various perspectives on the roles wives and husbands play in marriage. Society has conditioned the husband to be tough and practical, and the wife must be the gentle one and the one to provide emotional assistance. This is a fascinating view of couple relationships since it reveals the gender roles that society has created.

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9. Love, Simon

Last but not least, Love, Simon is an excellent film that you must not miss when sociology students. It’s about a teenager living in a world where sexuality isn’t recognized as a virtue. He can keep it a secret until he comes across a person willing to confess.

The art of film can help you explore the boundaries of your thinking and give you a fresh viewpoint on the social issues that continue to be a part of society. The issues of gender inequality, poverty, gender stereotypes, crimes gender, sexuality, feminism, and prejudices are a few of the subjects you can investigate and learn more about through these films.

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