I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 2 Who Are Still Together?

It is always heartwarming to see a close relationship between parents and children. But how much love can you give? T.L.C.’s ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ takes the idea of over-meddling parents to new heights and redefines the definition of Mama’s Boy.

The reality series features several couples in which the men may adore their spouses but not as much as their mothers. There comes the point in every young man’s life when he must decide whether he is ready to let go of his mother for a better life or if he wants to continue parental love.

The show’s premiere season was a success, and the second season brought new couples to the audience. The second season was released in 2021. It kept viewers riveted with its engaging drama. Many fans want to know what happened to those who were part of the second season of the show’s third version. This is because the show’s third iteration was just released. We are here to help!

Is Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams still together?

In the season 2 finale, Kimberly “Kim” Cobb & Matt McAdams ended their two-year-long suspense. In the series’ first two seasons, viewers saw Matt and Kim trying to figure out the right balance. As it turned out, they could not find the perfect balance and split up. Kim didn’t return to ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ for the second season after her breakup with her partner. Kim is enjoying her life and has started her own podcast, ‘My Lips Aren’t Sealed.’ It focuses on Kim’s experience and that of other T.L.C. women.

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Season 3 saw Matt and his mom make a comeback, as well as Devon Hawley, Matt’s girlfriend. The season explored the secrets behind Matt and Kim’s relationship and how they find their feet with Kelly. Matt is content with spending time with his family, but he might soon be looking to leave his mother’s house.

Are Shekeb and Emily still together?

Shekeb Sekander’s and Emily Chu’s relationship is heavily influenced in part by Shekeb’s love for Laila, his mother, during the first two seasons of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy. Shekeb tried many times to find common ground with his mother and Emily Chu. Emily tried to please her mother-in-law, but it was not easy.

The result of the previous three seasons’ efforts seems not to have been successful. The series’ third season ended in less than ideal terms for Emily, Laila, and their relationship. At the moment, Shekeb’s and Emily’s relationship remains unclear. Fans may have their opinions on how things should go, but the final decision rests with the couple. They have not publicly stated their current status as a couple.

Are Mike Boorzanian & Stephanie Ressler Still Together

Despite being together for two straight seasons of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’, Mike Boorzanian (as a couple) and Stephanie Ressler (as individuals) seem to have split. Fans of the show will be aware that Mike’s mother, Liz, was a major reason for the difficulties between them as they tried to create a new life. Stephanie focuses on her job as a T.V.T.V. producer and enjoys spending time with her family. Mike is currently dating Jennifer O’Brien and seems content in both his personal and professional lives.

Is Bryan Austin and Tracy Andraya still together?

Bryan Austin and Tracy Andraya have a long-lasting relationship that was built on solid foundations. It seems like the couple has lasted the test of time. Shortly after their wedding, the couple appeared in ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 2. Tracy was a single mom with two children before they tied the knot. Bryan was more open to her since Jayne, his mother, raised him.

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But inviting one’s mom to the honeymoon might not be the best way for one to love his wife. Tracy was deeply upset that Bryan didn’t get the memo about Jayne’s presence during his honeymoon. The couple appears to have made a good move. The couple appears to still be together as of October 2021. They went on vacation to Tulum in Mexico with close friends.

Are Tia and Theous Still Together?

During their decade-long, happy relationship, everything was perfect between Tia and Theous. Although they were eager to tie the knot in marriage, Theous was still devoted to Carolyn. His mother and Theous had yet to find the right balance for their affection. This was a major sticking point between them. Tia encouraged her partner to be more independent. Despite their age, she was surprised and miffed at how Carolyn treated her son and how she treated him as a child. The two are still together as of this writing, but Tia seems unhappy about her relationship with her mother.

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