Best Will Ferrel Movies On Hulu

Will Ferrell is a comedian whose comedy output is unparalleled in Hollywood. He has been the star in many comedy classics, including Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Step Brothers. But Ferrell’s less-known film is currently climbing up Hulu’s top-watched lists.

FlixPatrol reports that Blades Of Glory, Will Ferrell’s 2007 movie, is the 7th most-watched movie on the streaming site. This is a remarkable feat, considering Ferrell’s other films often get overshadowed.

Blades Of Glory, directed by Will Speck & Josh Gordon, features Will Ferrell & Jon Heder as figure skaters Chazz Mike Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy. They brawl on the podium of the winner’s podium after they tie for gold in figure skating tournaments and are banned for life. They can still participate in singles events, but this ban is not permanent. The pair became the first male skater duo to make it work. Despite their natural talents, their personalities and backgrounds are polar opposites, which causes them to clash frequently and hilariously.

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Ferrell’s surreal, chaotic slapstick is evident in the film. The film can also be seen as a companion piece for Talladega Nights: Talladega Nights: Ricky Bobby. It did well in theaters and earned $145.7 million. The film also sold well on home DVDs. The film received very positive reviews from both mainstream and online critics. Most reviewers praised the film’s anarchic vibe and Will Ferrell-Jon Heder’s chemistry. Some outlets had mixed reviews. Many felt that the film was too formulaic and too similar to Ferrell’s other films.

Blades Of Glory is a fast-paced, funny film worth the Will Ferrell moniker. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed somewhat by Will Ferrell’s other, less quotable movies. Blades Of Glory is a great movie for those who want to have a good time and laugh every now and again.

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