How Much Did Tim Donaghy Earn From Each Bet | Tim Donaghy’s Net Worth!

As a (then) well-known NBA referee who bet on games he officiated, Tim “Tim” Donaghy made headlines in 2007 for straying from all rules and regulations of sports and scandals. This is because he not only rejected his innocence of “fixing” allegations against him but also asserted that the Association frequently suggested that officials needed to alter the results to prolong the season.

The NBA has denied all of this. Naturally, however, If you’re just looking to know more about their earnings of Tim during the time period and his net worth at the moment, We’ve got the information for you.

What did Tim Donaghy earn? How Much Money Did Tim Donaghy Earn?

Since Tim was raised in the sport-mad Delaware County of Pennsylvania with a referee from the NCAA basketball tournament for his father, he was aware from a young age that the desire to be part of the world too.

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He put in the work and eventually was able to graduate from Villanova University with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales and was selected to join the officiating team of the local schools in high school. He spent 5 years perfecting his game with extensive firsthand experience and then moved to his next assignment with the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) for seven years.

Tim was hired during his first season with the NBA in 1994. He was the official for 772 regular-season games and 20 playoff games before taking a leave of absence when the news of his crimes was brought to light at the beginning of July 2007. In reality, Tim was engaged in gambling by placing bets in the game of golf or poker before the prestigious organization even hired him addict was unable to stop.

“[I] didn’t need the money,” Tim confessed in the Netflix documentary ‘Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul,’ “between stock investments, playoff bonuses, and my earnings were around $400,000 per year. I was in the middle of an area I shouldn’t be, and I leaped over it, making tips on games I officiated within the NBA.” Tim claims the only reason he did this was his personal knowledge to make his decisions.

Although the amount Tim received from his initial bets isn’t clear, Tim earned $2,000 for each right pick when he first began working with James Battista and Thomas “Tommy” Martino in 2006. But some reports claim that his predictions were so precise that his payout was raised to $5,000. Tim never had to pay in the form of money for incorrect selections by the original contract.

According to the now-famous NBA referee’s own estimations in his FBI, with his average 70-80% win rate, he earned around $30k in total by supplying information to bookies. The bookies were also notified. Tim was confronted with the consequences of his conduct. Apart from a 15-month prison sentence in federal prison, he was also required to settle a $500,000 fine and an amount of $30,000 in restitution to the federal government. In case that wasn’t enough for you, a judge also ordered him to pay $233,317 in compensation (alongside the two other co-conspirators); however, this time, it was the NBA for allegedly having cheated them.

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Tim Donaghy’s net worth

Because Tim Donaghy has managed to come back to his feet in the wake of the scandal by accepting the past, it looks like he’s doing well for himself in the present. He has not only written his memoir “Blowing the Whistle,’ but was also employed at an addiction treatment center for gamblers and sold picks for sports on the now defunct website RefPicks. He was given $1.3 million when he sued the publisher of his book for not paying him back in 2012. Following that, Tim eventually began “investing in real estate and basically being a landlord.” So, according to our estimates, Tim’s wealth could amount to around three million dollars.

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