How Did Tawnee Baird Die | Where is Victoria Mendoza Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “Web Of Lies Fatal Facade’ series chronicles the shocking sequence of events that resulted in the brutal murder of 21-year-old Tawnee Marie Baird. On October 18 14th, 2014. Tawnee Baird and her partner, Victoria Ashley Mendoza, were in a car on the Freeway of Weber County in the early morning hours when a violent fight was fought between the two. A few hours later, Mendoza’s friend was notified of the alarming phone message from Mendoza and ran out to dial 911.

Police and emergency personnel arrived at an unsettling and horrific murder scene. Tawnee Marie, who was a victim of domestic violence and jealousy, had been dead to death inside the vehicle, along with Ashley Mendoza sitting calmly next to her. The next step was an extensive investigation into an incredibly shocking case of domestic violence and jealousy that claimed a young girl’s life. Are you interested in knowing more about this horrific and bloody murder? Here’s the information we have uncovered.

How Did Tawnee Baird Die?

Tawnee Marie Baird studying at Salt Lake Community College was a resident of Holladay with her partner of five years, Victoria Mendoza. Tawnee had been with Mendoza in treatment for a youth center when she was admitted to a mental health treatment facility following a narcotics arrest. Possession of drug paraphernalia. Mendoza was said to be close to Tawnee’s family, and the victim’s father, Casey, nearly considered her to be the “other daughter.”

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On the early day of October 18, 2014, Tawnee and her friend returned back to the Holladay home following a visit to acquaintances in Ogden. The couple, suspected of being in an intimate relationship, engaged in an argument that turned violent during their drive. As the argument grew more heated, Mendoza, who was at the wheel, drove off into a parking space and then stabbed her friend for five years. The autopsy report will declare that Twanee was stabbed 46 times by Victoria. Tawnee was declared dead on the spot.

Who Killed Tawnee Baird?

Following the incident, Mendoza phoned and informed their sister Spencer of the murder. She was not convinced initially, but her voice so enthralled her led Spencer to call 911 and hurry to the scene. Spencer later admitted that upon arrival, she found Baird killed in the car’s passenger seat and covered in blood. When the first emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they had anticipated that someone would hand in the police for the murder. Ogden Police Lieutenant, Tim Scott, said, “We were actually responding on a call of a murder or someone wanting to turn themselves in for a murder.”

Instead, they discovered Mendoza in the car, with Tawnee injured and stabbed alongside her. Ultimately, Mendoza was arrested, trialed, and declared guilty of Tawnee Baird’s killing. In the end, it was claimed the fact that Victoria Mendoza was jealous of her lover and that they had an abusive relationship. The investigation team believed anger and jealousy led Mendoza to commit an unintentional crime.

Following her arrest, Mendoza admitted to the police that she took the knife, which measured 4 inches in length, out of her front pocket and then stabbed Baird as they fought over an individual. The family members of the victims indicated that the couple tended to fight physically before the killing. The marks of physical violence were visible on the victim’s body in the shape of a chipped tooth and scratch on her body.

Is Victoria Mendoza now?

At the preliminary hearing of Mendoza following her detention, she claimed not to be guilty and warned herself to commit suicide in anger outbursts. But, when all the evidence was discovered, and a strong case was made against Mendoza, she was charged by the police with first-degree murder. Her attorney suggested that she plead to be guilty to the charge, which she did. She appeared embarrassed and emotional when being heard saying, “Everything they’ve said is very hurtful to me.”

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She said, “I have no excuse for the things I’ve committed. This is the primary reason I’ve admitted guilt. I have nothing to say. I’m the rogue here.” Tawnee’s family has never considered a death sentence against Mendoza in the manner Casey Baird said, “I don’t even want the death penalty. I’d like her to endure the pain and have plenty of time to contemplate this.” After Mendoza was found guilty of the charges, the court sentenced her to 16 years of life to be convicted of the killing of Tawnee Marie Baird. Victoria Mendoza is currently incarcerated in the Utah State Prison, and her parole hearing is scheduled for the month of October 2039.

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