How Did Keith Wuornos Die? Did Aileen Wuornos Kill Her Brother? 

“Aileen Wuornos’ American Boogeywoman’ is a horror-thriller that goes over and above to provide a detailed account of the early crimes and life of the serial killer in question and focuses in particular on her manipulative ways.

In the end, although Aileen slew seven people in just twelve months when her age was in her 30s (1989-1990), she had already begun her path by committing petty thefts, sexual encounters and even lies.

The most interesting aspect in the entire story, however, is the complicated relationship she had with her brother, Keith Wuornos, so now we’ll look into this, shall we?

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Did Aileen Wuornos Kill Her Brother?

At first glance, Aileen and Keith Wuornos seemed like normal brothers. However, the reality is that they’d been bonded by turbulent times and found comfort in their relationship in different ways. Their parents had tied together when mother Diane had just turned a teen and then accepted Keith just a little over one year later on March 14th 1955.

Aileen was born in February 1956. However, Diane had already filed for divorce when she was able to file for divorce, which triggered further conflicts that led her to quit her children in search of new beginnings in her lifestyle in 1960. Maternal grandparents brought up the kids.

Keith and his grandparents raised them together with their two children in Michigan. They were unaware of their parents’ real names until they were teenagers. This, combined with the assertion that they were alcoholics who were strict and, according to reports, neglected and abused family members, is believed to have caused the siblings to just confide in each other and play sexually.

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In the shortest of terms, Keith and Aileen engaged in an intimate relationship for a long time, at least regularly, up to the point when her grandfather evicted her at the age of 15 — following the fact that she had been pregnant with an infant son (whom she reportedly was named Keith).

Given the name, many believed that Aileen’s brother was the mother of the child who was subsequently adopted; however, she was sexually assaulted and infected by a relative who was her grandpa’s. Over time, two Keith and his younger sister grew up but remained in contact. However, sadly the latter was diagnosed with esophageal carcinoma, which is the film’s subject. But, in contrast to what “Aileen Wuornos: American Biogeywoman depicts, the soon-to-be serial killer didn’t murder her brother in the Pink Flamingo Motel area due to threats by his team in 1976.

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How Did Keith Wuornos Die?

On July 17th 1976, 21-year-old Keith Wuornos passed away after losing the battle against cancer of the esophagus in Michigan. According to reports, there was no evidence of criminal activity and certainly no evidence that they threw him into a gun which means that Aileen was not able to kill Keith.

But, she did get the sum of $10,000 through their life insurance policy of his, which she was alleged to have blown through in a relatively short period of time. The whole thing happened on the same date Aileen was facing a restraining order and an annulment by her husband of 69 years, Lewis Gratz Fell. That is to say, Keith didn’t live to witness his sister becoming a serial murderer.

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