How Did Balerion Die

House Targaryen seems to be the strongest in the House of the Dragon, but they no longer have the most powerful dragon Balerion the Black Dread.

Who was Balerion the Black Dread? “The House of the Dragon has brought the readers back to Westeros, and it’s good to return. This isn’t the war-torn realm that we are familiar with, however. This brand new television series takes place 172 years before when the Mad King was slain and the rise of the White Walkers.

The fantasy-based series is set in the period of Viserys Targaryen when the House of the Dragons was at its peak of power, with ten adult dragons in their care. However, dangers lurk in the dark corners, and the old Valyrian house is plagued with internal conflicts, not the least of the most important one, Viserys sister Daemon, who seems to want the Iron Throne for himself.

Viserys is conscious of the issues his family faces as he is resolved to maintain the Targaryen’s grasp on the throw to safeguard the world from an old prophecy about the end of the world. In the last scenes of the episode, Viserys confesses this secret to his daughter, standing in front of Balerion’s skull. Balerion, the Black Dread. Who was this powerful dragon?

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Who was Balerion the Black Dread?

Balerion is the dragon who was personal to Aegon Targaryen, the person who conquered Westeros. Aegon employed Balerion’s power Balerion to unite his Seven Kingdoms into one cohesive nation (well, it was all of them apart from Dorne). Balerion was the one who destroyed Iron Island’s grip on Riverlands by destroying Harrenhal.

When Aegon was crowned King of Westeros and was crowned King of Westeros, it was Balerion who helped to build the Iron Throne using his firey breath to melt the swords that compose the most famous chair in the country. After Aegon passed away, Balerion has proclaimed the king’s successor as the heir to Maegor the Cruel and was used to murder the nephew of his, Prince Aegon.

As Balerion became older as he got older, he started slowing down. He also was injured while on the adventure of Princess Aerea Targaryen. In the end, the dragon was kept in the newly built Dragon Pit and was only once again ridden with Viserys Targaryen.

How did Balerion die?

Balerion dies from old age, aged 200 an age. His massive skull was placed at the Red Keep as a reminder of his size and Targaryen’s strength.

Although he passed away prior to even the beginning of Game of Thrones, Balerion is born again in the form of Daenerys’ dragon Drogon . Drogon is often compared to Black Dread.

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How big was Balerion?

The Black Dread, Balerion was an intense ebony color and the largest of the recognized Targaryen dragons, even though Vhagar beat him in size at close to the final days of her time — and we all knew the size of her in comparison to Arax.

The dragon’s wings were believed to be so huge that they could completely cover towns in shadows and had teeth that were the size of swords, and jaws that could swallow a cow completely.

To put it in perspective, Balerion was probably roughly the same size as a large aircraft with a bigger wingspan. This is what makes Meley’s appear tiny when compared to.

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