How Did Australian Businessman Alan Bond Die?

The Race of the Century The story of an underdog team who won the America’s Cup, which the New York Yacht Club had held for more than 132 years. When Australian captain John Bertrand started to think of a strategy for winning the trophy, the idea of having a strong financially backed was the single most vital element.

Bertrand required financing. It had been someone that understood his vision and was willing to go the extra mile to succeed. Alan Bond turned out to be the person to do that. Although the Netflix documentary focuses solely on Bond’s part in winning the victory in Australia II, there is plenty more to the story that isn’t told. We’ve covered you if you want to know more about his story.

Why Did Alan Bond Go to Prison?

As Alan Bond rose to prominence when he was a participant in the historic victory of Australia II, the tumult of his professional and personal life was still under the spotlight of the public. The time was good for him in the year 1983. The native of England, the Australian executive, was nominated Australian top of the year, and after the team’s victory in America’s Cup, his team’s fortunes grew exponentially. However, things changed in 1992, when Bond declared bankruptcy after acquiring the sum of $194 million in loans.

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Together with others, the debt reached about $1.8 billion. His family members helped him through the situation. His arrest was made in 1997. Bond was sentenced to seven years of prison for taking A$1.2 billion out of Bell Resources to keep his company in business while bleeding through losses. Bond pleaded guilty to the charge, and after serving approximately four years in jail, he was released in 2000. After his release, Bond did not waste time and actively sought new business opportunities, which eventually led him to the Business Review Weekly’s “Rich 200″ list” in 2008.

How Did Alan Bond Die?

Alan Bond died at age 77 on June 5th, 2015, following complications from an open heart operation. He was buried at Freemantle Cemetery in Melville City, Western Australia. His family members include his three children, John, Craig, and Jody, whom he shared with his former partner, Eileen Hughes. The fourth of their children, Susanne, reportedly died of a suspected accidental overdose of prescription drugs in the year 2000. In 1995, just three years after the divorce of Eileen, Bond married Diana Bliss. Unfortunately, the stage producer and PR consultant came to an untimely death in 2012 after she was discovered dead in the pool.

While there were plenty of highs and lows in Bond’s story, they didn’t hinder his accomplishments. Bond was awarded the distinction of being an Officer of the Order of Australia in 1984. However, he was stripped of it when his crimes were revealed. Bond was the first Australian private, non-profit university, Bond University. Bond was also inducted into the America’s Cup Hall of Fame in 2003. While his public image may be smacked, his family and friends remember his name in fond memories.

John Bertrand remained in good relationships in his dealings with Bond throughout his entire life. Bertrand said in a conversation with Bond, “He’s one of the most amazing marketers you can imagine. He always has three deals lined up even today … the way he views himself as the Mr. 10 percent.” He explained that the 1983 America’s Cup events significantly changed their relationship. “My connection with Alan was within the context of America’s Cup, and I have never had a job with him. I was a part of his team, and that’s how I saw it, and that was the most important thing,” he said.

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Bertrand said, “Working for someone is very different from working for yourself, which is why there was no partnership between us, as you are aware of in various ways. My relationship with me is in America’s Cup as well. We’re brothers in blood. Know, we’ve gone through hell and come back.” Bond’s children recall the man as someone who had to go through many changes and ups in their lives. This could be the reason why he is portrayed as a “larger-than-life persona who began with nothing but accomplished many things.”

In reality, Bond did have a life that could be great material for a Hollywood film. The potential for the story was evident to storytellers who launched the TV miniseries titled ‘House of Bond’ back in the year 2017. It’s a highly fictionalized version of his life that has also drawn criticism from his friends and family members. His family and friends. However, it does reveal the complicated and multi-layered character of Alan Bond.

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