Hidrent Shark Tank Update | Where Is Hidrent Now

Season 13, episode 6, of the show “Shark Tank” saw Dave Heimbuch enter the tank using his application, Hidrent, hoping to negotiate an arrangement to sign with the Sharks. Hydrant is a fascinating service that allows firefighters to find part-time jobs in their off time, which can help boost their earnings. The innovative and well-thought-out service has drawn a lot of attention. So we decided to monitor the development of Hidrent following its appearance in the program. Here are the results!

Hidrent: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The person who created Hidrent, David “Dave” Heimbuch, is a seasoned professional in marketing and has a focus on sales for tech. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1995 before becoming part of many high-profile sales positions. Dave worked for some of the top firms, such as Shazam Entertainment and AT&T Mobility, before becoming the Sales Director in Tapad’s Senior Division of Tapad Tapad in October 2014. It is interesting to note that Hidrent was introduced in May 2017 when Dave was still working for Tapad.

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But he resigned in the month of November that same year to concentrate on his business full-time. Dave Heimbuch knew how difficult it is for firefighters. Because the pay for firefighters is extremely low, most of them are forced to work part-time to provide for their families. Furthermore, the intense training received by firefighters also allows them to be highly proficient in most tasks that call for physical work. After carefully analyzing their schedules, Dave discovered that firefighters typically work 24-hour shifts and are out of the office for 48 hours.

With all the consideration factors, Hidrent was created to help firefighters find suitable jobs for firefighters and, as a result, help them earn more money. Hidrent is an easy online tool that lets users contact firefighters in their area who are seeking a job. Firefighters need to do registration and then enter their schedule. However, after patrons have signed up for their account, they need to fill in a description of what requirements they require. The app has a variety of already listed services and the approximate cost of each. When the task is dialed in, it searches for an off-duty firefighter and then connects them to the patron.

Hidrent: Where Are They Now?

Hidrent has received a flurry of praise and was considered a very efficient service by the users. With many downloads from the app stores, Hidrent grew in popularity and soon caught the attention of prominent media outlets like Fox, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC. Furthermore, the application is considered authentic since it runs thorough background checks and professional inspections of each firefighter who signs up, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of service.

As of now, Hindrent is a part of the Capital Factory Accelerator Program, which grants it access to many mentors, and opens the way for faster acquisition of customers. Additionally, being a part of the Capital Factory Accelerator Program, the Hidrant application is available on the Android as well as IOS platforms helped expand the number of customers it has as Hidrant is now accessible in a variety of cities of major importance, including Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Tampa, and Toledo.

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The prices listed in the app are simple to pay for and include a couple of examples, including $156-$456 to cover furniture removal, $189-269 to mount a TV to the wall, and $178-$392 for the all-purpose handyman. $139-294 for transporting. A closer glance at the website reveals additional “exciting” updates scheduled to be released soon. Dave has said the app would keep expanding the reach of his services to cover as many cities as possible.

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