Has Colin Jerrick Been Caught? Where is He Now?

In two shootings that occurred just days apart in Suffolk County, New York, Authorities were searching for clues. The investigation into these incidents seemed to point the authorities to only one possible suspect, Colin Jerrick. The first part of Investigation Discovery’s “In Pursuit of John Walsh: Stolen Innocence ” focuses on Colin’s alleged crimes and their attempts to locate him. If you’re curious about the events that transpired and where Colin is now, We’ve got the details.

Who is Colin Jerrick?

On June 13, 2020, Ajala Carpenter Toney was with her friends for a gathering at Wyandanch, New York. The 23-year-old lived on Long Island, New York, and was celebrating the great news that he was cancer-free after just two years. But gunshots began to ring out shortly after, which led to Ajala and seven others being wounded. According to the report, Ajala was transported to the hospital but was declared dead at the hospital.

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The authorities were able to investigate the scene of chaos, which included numerous shell casings of ammunition in the streets. They concluded that, at the very minimum, nine firearms were involved in the shootout. Ajala’s friends informed the police that they couldn’t tell the person who shot him.

However, other witnesses mentioned an individual calling Ajala out. As Ajala continued to leave, the man fired a gun and shot the victim. At the moment, the shooter was thought to be Colin Jerrick. An investigation revealed that Colin’s friend was killed a couple of years earlier, and Ajala was a friend of the shooters, which led to a possibility of a split.

On July 31, 2020, a man firing Elbert Wright resolved an argument at some point in the evening. The incident occurred in North Amityville, New York. The police believed Colin was the one responsible for this shooting too. According to the show’s report, Colin was Guyanese and raised in Amityville. Apart from being a wrestling coach during the time, Colin was known to be a weed dealer with several connections to gangs.

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Where is Colin Jerrick Today?

Authorities have said they believe Colin Jerrick has been on the run since July 31, 2020. He is considered dangerous and armed, and his last known address was North Amityville. Colin is believed to have connections to Huntington Station and Bay Shore in New York, apart from Guyana and Florida, where he has relatives and friends. In this show, it was said that his family may have helped to hide him from authorities. As of now, Colin, in his 40s, is still a wanted man by law enforcement and has been eluded from arrest.

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