Harley Quinn Season 3 Finale Recap and Ending!

HBO Max’s adult animated series ‘ Harley Quinn is centered around the eponymous Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) as she splits with Joker. Joker creates her own team: Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), Clayface, Dr. Psycho, King Shark, Frank the Plant, and Sy Borgman. Over time the two develop a romantic bond between Harley and Ivy amid their increasing disagreements regarding the moral code and justification.

In “Harley Quinn,” season 3, episode 10 entitled ‘The Horse and the Sparrow, The Horse and The Sparrow Lex Luthor offer Ivy a post as a leader in The Gotham section in the Legion of Doom. James Gunn’s movie on Thomas Wayne premieres with Clayface disguised as Billy Bob Thornton portraying the principal character. Ivy is a target for the Joker on Luthor’s behalf and Harley aids. The latter, however, is forced to accept how she has evolved after leaving the unhealthy friendship with the Joker to the Joker’s side. Here’s everything you should be aware of the conclusion of the ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3’s finale. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Finale Recap

Season 3’s finale kicks off exactly where the final episode ended in the form of Ivy crying in rage after Harley ordered her to abandon her baffling plan to terraform Gotham by placing herself at risk. However, this doesn’t seem to have any effect on their relationship. However, Ivy is known to shop with only Frank. Lex Luthor contacts her and declares that he’s been impressed with her recent actions and offers her the opportunity to join Batman’s Legion of Doom and agrees to her conditions.

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In the meantime, Harley feels awkward about being hero-worshipped by the inhabitants of Gotham and Batgirl. Then, she discovers Luthor’s proposal for Ivy and couldn’t be more thrilled with her girl, but Ivy is astonished by the offer. Ivy and possibly all of the others are aware of the recent changes to Harley, even though she hasn’t. To agree with Lex, Ivy has to take down the Mayor, who is also the Joker. When Harley declares she is ready to assist, Ivy reluctantly lets her join in.

As the day of the premier film Thomas Wayne biopic approaching, Clayface is beginning to believe that his talents won’t be recognized. The public will believe that it’s Thornton’s creation and not his. In Wayne Manor, Bruce tries to recover from his failed attempts to resurrect his parents and from the loss of his parents overall. However, constantly being reminded of the biopic’s existence doesn’t permit him. When he receives an invitation to the premiere, he decides to request Selina to accompany him to the premiere. Additionally, Harley and Ivy decide to abduct and kill Joker while he’s at the premiere.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Finale: Do Harley and Ivy Stay Together?

While ‘Harley Quinn rarely has a shortage of action, fun violence, and adult humor, The show is primarily about the growing relationships between Harley and Ivy. They begin as friends but later turn into lovers. This season, the love story that develops between Harley and Ivy surpasses the normal boundaries of a relationship, showing the possibility that two individuals can remain in a relationship even if they have fundamental differences. The only thing that is required to be in a good relationship is respect for one another and their space.

In public, Harley seems quite willing to take on the Joker; however, as the Joker’s ally points out, she doesn’t remember to take her bat out of the limo, and Harley does not forget her bat. After Harley arrives, Ivy confronts her and inquires if Harley really intends for her to take down the Joker.

Through the show, Harley has been on an incredible journey that has seen her constantly becoming the best version of herself. In the beginning, due to her negative relationship with Joker Joker the Joker, her sense of self-worth was nearly inexistent, as evident from her costume. However, after the 3rd season and massive character growth, she is a hero and a part of the bat family. Even while she’s not yet defeated Joker, she is certain that if Luthor does kill her Joker, Ivy is quite sure the Joker will never be eliminated. Luthor will not be able to rescind his promise.

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Although they’re in a different place under legality, Ivy and Harley are more united than ever in their relationship. They must confront the problems plaguing Harley’s mental health, rooted in her past and fears, and work to overcome these issues. Season 3’s showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker told multiple media outlets before the launch of season 3 that they had no plans to break Ivy and Harley apart, so their relationship would remain.

Why Is Bruce Arrested?

The season finale of season 3, “The Horse and The Sparrow’ is a reference to an economics concept from the late nineteenth century. Concept. It’s an older variant of the trickle-down economy. It claims that when one feeds the horse enough oats, a portion will travel into the road searching for sparrows. In the show ‘Harley Quinn, this expression refers to the intricate relationship that the Wayne family is in with Gotham.

While the show attempts to prove that Bruce isn’t helping Gotham in the capacity of a billionaire, this is not the case at all. In the show, it is revealed that the Joker arrests Bruce can arrest Bruce for tax avoidance. Bruce later informs Nightwing and Batgirl that arrangements were put in place to get him out of prison, but Bruce informs them that he plans to complete his sentence.

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The last couple of months has been extremely difficult for Bruce, as well as his emotional and mental state and his self-inflicted trauma caused by the death of the parents he lost. The time away from his home city could be beneficial for Batman. While he is absent, Batgirl becomes the leader of the Bat-family. Harley becomes a member of them.

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