Hadas Winnick Murder | Where is Jesse Winnick Now?

I.D.’s ‘Evil Lives Here’ What happens if he gets out” is an episode that delves into the lives and the crimes of one insanity-prone individual who has let his anger show through from when he was in his teens.

Nobody could have imagined at the time they did not know that aggressive tendencies led to the most horrific murder in the home he was living in — that he would take a stab and murder. If you’re looking for more information about the particular incident that is at issue, the gruesome killing of Hadas Carmeli Winnick with the subsequent aftermath, we’ve got the information you need to know.

How Did Hadas Winnick Die?

At 55 years old, Hadas Winnick, a single mother of two grown children, was a caring driven, enthusiastic, and hardworking woman who fought everything that life dealt her head-on, as to those close to her. Her Canoga Park High School math teacher had created a great environment for her family in the hillside, affluent community of Calabasas. She never once hinted about any issues at home or concerns to colleagues. This is the reason why she was killed. The news about her death was a complete shock to all except her daughter, who was in denial until she found the body herself.

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On the evening of September 25, 2007, the then-recent student Amy returned to her home after a night out and found the mother of her child lying in an area of blood within their kitchen in the Declaration Avenue home. Hadas was lying face-up, and her fingers were inches from the phone (as if she wanted to get assistance before it was too late). Also, she had an emaciated butcher knife hanging from her neck. The same knife was also sucked into the dedicated educator’s chest, which caused her death, multiple stab wounds, and the manner of homicide.

Who Killed Hadas Winnick?

It was clear who was the one responsible for Hadas Winnick’s horrific death; it was her firstborn and Amy’s younger brother of 3 years, who was 25 years old Jesse Bernard Winnick. This is because he had admitted the crime to the sister via phone after requesting her to stay away from their home from childhood (where they still resided) with the simple statement, “I killed Mom.” Amy knew that there was stress between her mother and her brother that night, and when Jesse did not return calls from home, she called Jesse to see whether everything was okay to find out the devastating truth.

Initially, the then-college graduate thought that the trainer/pharmaceutical distributor was making a twisted joke, something he’d often done in the past, yet the pit in her stomach made her call 911 on the drive back. She was still in contact with the operator when she discovered her mother’s bloody remains. So everything that is that has to do with this issue is recorded, literally and in real-time. Hada’s car and Jesse were gone when the police arrived, and they soon discovered that Jesse had cleaned himself after the crime before deciding to escape to Mexico.

Jesse was arrested in a matter of hours. He admitted to having made snacks when his mother came in and demanded he takes care of himself, prompting him to break. Then he was compelled to hit her with the blade. He said it casually, saying that, although he wasn’t aware of the type, the investigators could recognize it as the blade was inserted in her neck. We must also note that he had entered a plea not to contest a minor for making criminal threats. Of making threats to commit a crime in July of that year, which made him a criminal throughout the course.

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Where is Jesse Winnick Now?

Amid a trial in county prison, Jessee Bernard Winnick allegedly not only pushed the legal system as long as possible but also attempted to make strike at his wife. However, this did not work out. But in the end, the trial was held in September 2011. Winnick pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and was given an indictment of 15 years or life in prison.

Thus, at present, Jesse, 40, is in prison at the maximum-minimum Los Angeles County State Prison CSP-Los Angeles County Correctional Facility in Lancaster. After being denied parole twice in 2021, Jesse is expected to appear before the board at the end of August 2023. In all honesty, if you’d like to learn about his life’s events in greater detail, go through Amy’s memoir “Working for Justice: A Family’s Story of Murder, Betrayal, and the Healing.’

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