H2O Delirious Face Reveal | H2O Delirious Real Face, Real Name And Age

H2O’s Delirious Face Reveal A lot of people are now looking to make a name for themselves on YouTube channels. There are numerous living examples of our lives who have gained much attention from the public thanks to their original video content. The H2O Delirious is one such well-known YouTuber. If you’re seeking information on him, check out this article to learn more about what you need to know about how H2O Delirious facial reveal. His real name, face and age.

H2O Delirious Face Reveal

Jonathan is often referred to in the media as H2O Delirious as well as Delirious is a part of the Vanoss Crew and one of the most popular members of the team. In May of 1987, Jonathan was born. He is the only one of the Crew who hasn’t yet had his name revealed as of yet. He’s also one of the Crews who hasn’t divulged details about themselves, divulging only his name. Jonathan.

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H2O Delirious chose to share the video, which at first glance looked like a face reveal in an April Fools’ prank. It wasn’t the whole truth, however. H2O Delirious creates films about Fortnite and other games, and the Face Reveal video has more than 700,000 views.

H2O Delirious Overview

He’s known for his unique laughter and his gaming and recording. Social media is where he’s famous for his mask. On May 24, 2007, H2O Delirious created the YouTube channel. He’s shared clips from the most popular games, such as Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod Black Ops II, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Fallout 4 over the years. Also, he’s participated in games such as Among the Sleep, H1Z1, Layers of Fear, and The Culling as a side project. Indie Horror titles like Outlast, Among the Sleep, Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within, Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 and 4 and Silent Hills P.T. Demo in response to fan requests. He keeps a clear line between his professional and private life. He did not do anything with his personal information. He never divulged the majority of his details.

Real Name Jonathan

Nickname Delirious, H2O Delirious

Profession American YouTuber

Age Aged 34

Date of Birth May 2 1987

Birthplace Charlotte, North Carolina

Hometown Unknown

Zodiac Sign Taurus

Nationality American

Religion Christian

College Unknown

Gender Male

Popular for Gaming and Let’s Play videos, as well as unique laughter

Girlfriend Liz Katz

Net Worth $10 million

Marital Status In the course of a relationship

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H2O Delirious Real Name

Jonathan has been dubbed H2O Delicious’s real name.

H2O Delirious Real Age

H2O Delirious, born on May 2 1987, turned 34 years old in August 2021.

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