Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Release Date

As the most frightening season draws to closing and it’s time to announce the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’s November release date has been announced. Directed and written by James Gunn, the holiday special will feature Mantis, Drax, Rocket, Groot and Kraglin bringing Star-Lord back to Earth to celebrate Christmas with the hope of cheering him up after Gamora quits the team to take over the Ravagers. The cosmic superheroes will embark on a thrilling adventure on the planet that Star-Lord is from and even kidnap one of his heroes from his childhood, Footloosestar Kevin Bacon.

Chris Pratt also returns to take on the role of the main cast in Chris Pratt will also be directing the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialalongside Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel. Just five years have passed since the group had an actual solo movie. The excitement has been high for both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the special for Christmas, which will establish certain plot elements as well as characters to Gunn’s trilogy’s caper. In addition, the viewers get their first glimpse of what’s coming from the special three, but they’re also getting to know the moment the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will appear on their screens.

A few weeks after the announcement of their first Special Pre-Presentation, James Gunn revealed the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special release date. The announcement was made in the trailer for the coming special that the much-anticipated Christmas movie will be available via the online streaming service on November 25, one month before the actual holiday.

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Marvel Is Set To Release Its Second Holiday Special This Year

With the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Specialconfirmed to premiere in Disney+ in November, it’s two MCU holiday specials to be released on the streaming service this year. In October, we saw the debut of the speculated Werewolf by Nighthorror-tinged special, which featured Gael Garcia Bernal’s Jack Russell, afflicted with the capability of transforming into a monster of the title. Originating from the work of Batmancomposer Michael Giacchino, the Halloween-themed special has earned wide acclaim from critics as well as viewers alike for its classic movie throwback, direction, and realistic visual effects. It also marks the perfect beginning to Marvel’s experimentation with short special presentations.

It’s also interesting to consider the fact that It’s also interesting to note that Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special‘s release date is just one year following Hawkeye Hawkeye, which is a similar Christmas-themed MCU Disney+ production that premiered on the streaming service. There are rumours of Marvel looking into other specifics about its character. It’ll be fascinating to see if the studio will expand this holiday-themed special to other characters to fill in the gaps between their films and shows. Meanwhile, fans can anticipate their favourite superheroes from the universe’s return on the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on November 25.

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