11 Good Movies On Pureflix To Watch In 2022!

Since we’ve become accustomed as a culture to watching movies at home and from the comfort of our homes, various services have emerged. Certain streaming services are targeted at those who enjoy classics, horror, or international releases; however, one that is geared towards the Christian segment can be found in Pure Flix.

If you know these services, you be aware of the many times you are in your home and browse the available films and T.V. shows but then run out of time or quit because of boredom. If you are a user of Pure Flix or are curious about what the company offers offerings, We’d like to provide you with a selection of what to stream on its service.

While you can watch a variety of old T.V. shows and films that don’t necessarily belong to the category of “Christian” on Pure Flix below, we’ve listed some of the latest faith-based films you can stream on the service. The titles change with time, but here’s the best content to stream at present on Pure Flix today.

Good Movies On Pureflix

“The Case for Christ”

Lee Strobel’s faith journey is a captivating story for teenagers and adults. “The Case for Christ” follows Strobel during his time as an investigative journalist when the reporter set out to check the truth from the Bible. The movie doesn’t only bring entertainment, it’s also an excellent way to start conversations with your entire family.

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“I Am David”

A 2003 movie, “I Am David,” is a story about an innocent boy who escapes a Communist Concentration Camp. When he sets out to find freedom and seeks a home where he can feel secure, David comes across several people who are willing to assist him. One of the actors is Jim Caviezel from “The Passion of the Christ.”

“Do You Believe?”

Some of the most popular titles to stream through Pure Flix are the Christian films that have been produced in the last 10 years or more. “Do You Believe?” is a drama with an ensemble cast that follows various people who are confronted with the issue of the amount of faith they truly have. The major actors in the show are Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Delroy Lindo, and Lee Majors.

“The Climb”

One of the first films to make a mark in the Christian film industry is the 2002 film “The Climb.” Produced in part by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, The film follows two men trying to conquer a threatening mountain. While they’re on the climb, they must cooperate and trust in the power of God to accomplish their goal.

“Cowgirls ‘n Angels”

A girl is enticed when she meets an ensemble of female rodeo performers. She hopes to join their ranks. “Cowgirls ‘n Angels” is an entertaining, family-friendly film featuring several familiar faces in the group, including Academy Award nominee James Cromwell. If you enjoyed the first film, There’s another sequel that you can enjoy.

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“Pure Flix Comedy All Stars”

Alongside a handful of documentaries and sitcoms, Pure Flix has, among its first titles, a couple of comedy specials by Christian comedians such as Chonda Pierce as well as Michael Jr. “Pure Flix Comedy All Stars” is a compilation that brings together a selection of hilarious performances from a wide range of Christian funny individuals.

“What If …” – What to Watch on Pure Flix

In keeping with the style of a number of Hollywood films in the past, “What If …” examines a man with everything and gives him to look at what would have happened in the event of an alternative decision at a crucial moment in time before. Kevin Sorbo stars in this drama that focuses on the difference in “having it all” by the standards of society and the meaning of accepting the call God has placed in your path.

“The Hiding Place”

For a gripping story inspired by real historical events, take a look at this movie adaptation of Corrie Ten Boom. When her family members decide to assist those who are seeking to escape from the Nazis, They must trust God the Lord and believe in His keeping watch over them in the most difficult of circumstances.

“Hometown Legend”

“Hometown Legend” is a 2002 football film that was adapted from the Jerry B. Jenkins novel. The plot follows an isolated town with a historic team who witness the return of a legendary coach in the moment of greatest need. Terry O’Quinn and Lacey Chabert are the main characters in this entertaining story about middle America and the young dreamers.

“The Ultimate Gift”

A film series focusing on the importance of working hard and helping those around you starts by introducing “The Ultimate Gift.” If a young, spoiled man from a wealthy family loses his father, he finds out that his grandfather’s fortune is his if the man completes a set of tasks that will teach him an important lesson. James Garner, Brian Dennehy as well as Bill Cobbs, are only among the notable actors in the initial film. Later, the film resulted in 2 sequels, “The Ultimate Life” and “The Ultimate Legacy.”

“The Chosen”

A highly intriguing Christian show recently released is the next item to our list of shows to stream with Pure Flix. “The Chosen” presents the Gospels narrative dramatically, providing a deeper understanding of every important person touched by Christ’s work. In addition to paying the producer directly on their site, Pure Flix is most likely the best way to find the film.

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If you’re in the market for something to stream from home and you’re a Pure Flix member, we hope you’ll consider one of the above-mentioned options. We might be able to save you the time of scrolling. Whatever you decide to do with your entertainment, We know at K-LOVE Fan Awards how important it is to have high-quality programs based on faith. This is why we honor the musicians, filmmakers, writers, athletes, and authors who have impacted the planet today. For more information on how to be a part of K-LOVE for the most memorable fans at K-LOVE’s annually held K-LOVE Fan Awards, click on the link below.

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