Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second episode of “Golden Kamuy” season 4, “Cocoon,” sees Kadokura, Kirawus, and Ushiyama reuniting. Ushiyama has managed to escape his coffin. The former head prisoner at Abashiri Prison quickly finds Sekiya Waichirou and begins to play a game with fate, promising that Hijikita will live again regardless of his outcome. This is everything you need about the conclusion of “Golden Kamuy” season 4, episode 2. SPOILERS Ahead!

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Ushiyama, despite being in a datura-induced stupor, emerges from his coffin while Sekiya is gone. Later, he meets Chiyotarou. He is the son of a wealthy miner and is bullied by his younger siblings to eat grass moss. He is eventually tied to a tree by them. Ushiyama promises to feed him if he helps him.

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Ushiyama follows Chiyotarou everywhere in his stupor due to Datura. Sekiya discovers that Ushiyama has escaped and concludes that the Datura will not allow him to be normal for at least 12 hours more. Even then, he won’t remember the exact location. Chiyotarou soon realizes that Ushiyama is dangerous and decides to get rid.

Chiyotarou takes him along to the lake and manages to get his foot into the hole in the ice. He hopes to drown there. Kira hides on the other side of the lake while Kadokura plans a deliberate blunder in negotiations with Sekiya to allow him to follow him back to his hideout. Even though things are going exactly as planned, Ushiyama emerges right in front of Sekiya from a hole in a frozen lake.

As they try to figure out how Ushiyama ended up in the lake, Kadokura and Kirawus are both shocked to see him there. Sekiya, however, manages to escape believing that he has evaded capture. Kadokura uses the information he has about cacoon farming to track down the serial killer.

Season 4 Episode 2 of Golden Kamuy: How Do Hijikita and Kadokura Survive after Eating Poison?

Kadokura meets Sekiya at the place where the serial killer experimented with cacoons. The former head prisoner invites him to a trial by fate. They face each other while rotating a rotating machine with cacoons. Sekiya tells Kadokura that half of them have been poisoned with potassium cyanide and strychnine. The other half are unadulterated. He continues to say that he is curious about the fates and motivations of people with strong wills.

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Waichirou adds that if Kadokura ends up swallowing the poisoned cacoon, he will inform Kadokura about Hijikita’s location. If Kadokura dies, Sekiya will rescue Hijikita. Although Kadokura is aware that he makes poor decisions in such situations, and luck is not always on his side in such situations, Hijikita’s safety is enough to convince him of the danger. Both of them eventually eat one cacoon, and Kadokura begins to sweat heavily and falls to the ground.

Sekiya claims that the poison kicked in after 10 minutes. This means that Sekiya must have consumed the cacoon-laced Wolfsbane. Sekiya, as promised, immediately goes to the room where Hijikita was buried to save his life. To his surprise, Shinsengumi’s leader emerges from the coffin and grabs Sekiya by the collar.

Hijikita was a young medicine seller and deliberately took in just enough of the cacoon-laced Wolfsbane so that he wouldn’t die. Kadokura, however, is in another room and picks up another cacoon. It turns out that it’s the one laced with fugu tetrodotoxin. Natural neutralizers of fugu tetrodotoxin and Wolfsbane save his life.

Is Sekiya Waichirou Dead? Is His Death Finally the Answer to His Religious Dilemmas

Hijikita emerges from the coffin and attacks Sekiya with a butcher’s knife. The serial killer’s trial death was over, and his collar now holds Sekiya as he explains to him how he survived. Hijikita is aware of the deep cut in his throat and knows that it will be fatal, so he allows Sekiya outside in his horrible state. The serial killer, realizing his imminent death, falls on the ice as soon as he leaves the facility.

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Sekiya’s little girl was killed by lightning while they were out on a stroll. He has struggled with the realization that he survived. This, according to him, meant that God didn’t exist. His trials were designed to help him find the answers to his religious problems. Sekiya, on the brink of death, was shocked to discover that Hijikita survived by removing poisoned cacoons from his body and eating just enough to make it non-fatal.

Sekiya also concludes that through sheer luck, Kadokura’s miraculous escape from the outside is by inhaling the neutralizing poison for Wolfsbane. Sekiya sees his death approaching as God’s judgment and concludes that his existence cannot be doubted until he dies. Sekiya Waichirou, although he didn’t find peace while he was alive, finds peace now and is able to answer the questions that have puzzled him his whole life.

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