7 Best George Clooney Movies on Netflix

Here is the list of George Clooney movies on Netflix, such as The Perfect Storm and From Dusk Till Dawn.

George Clooney is one of the coolest dudes on earth, and he is also an extremely good actor who has been in several of the greatest films made over the last 25 years.

How numerous are George Clooney movies on Netflix?

Technically speaking, there are four films that have George Clooney in them. There are also three documentaries featuring him, though they’re technically not George Clooney movies. However, I’ll add them to the list of the hard-core Clooney lovers who want to see him on screen in any form.

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Here is the complete list of George Clooney movies on Netflix

1. The American 

Delivered to a tiny Italian town in the midst of waiting for any further orders, the assassin Jack begins a dual life that’s more relaxing than beneficial to him.

2. Beginning at Dusk to Dawn.

Two robbers hold the kid and a man hostage. They race to the Mexican border. The criminals meet at a cantina without knowing it’s an underground vampire sanctuary.

3. Confessions from a Dangerous Mind

Trash-TV guru Chuck Barris has a big secret. Chuck Barris is a CIA assassin who murders while taking his winners from his game shows to their holiday prizes.

4. A Perfect Storm

As a massive storm is approaching, an angler who’s been having a bad run of luck is at risk of making a massive catch and extending his boat’s limits of the range.

Clooney is also featured in the documentaries.

5. An incredibly Murray Christmas

He’s got a serious case of Blues on Christmas Eve. However, he’s getting ready for the most wonderful night ever.

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6. And the Oscar Goes To…

 featuring old footage along with interviews of everyone way from Steven Spielberg to Liza Minnelli. This captivating film chronicles the story and the history of the Oscars.

7. Full-Tilt Boogie 

This documentary documents the making of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn, featuring numerous interviews with the cast and crew.

What is your top George Clooney movie on Netflix?

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