Genai Coleman Murder | Where is Ronald Smith Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “On the Case With Paula Zahn: Identical Evidence is a follow-up to the bizarre murder of Genai Coleman in Georgia in October 2008 and the subsequent investigation. The police identified an alleged person responsible based on the DNA evidence gathered from the crime scene.

However, the twist that escaped their notice puzzled the investigators. If you’re interested in learning more about this, including the identity as well as the current location of the suspect, we’ve got you covered. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get started. Let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Genai Coleman Die?

Genai G. Coleman was born on October 2, 1967, in Elkhart within Elkhart County, Indiana. She taught elementary school within DeKalb County, Georgia, and is a mother to three children. Family members shared stories of her story of how she had planned to open an academy for preschoolers in her hometown. On July 18, 2008, the woman of 40 stood in the back of her silver Dodge Stratus at around 9 pm in a parking area close to Gwinnett Place Mall, Georgia, to collect her daughter. There was a sudden shot, and a witness observed Genai lying on the ground while her attacker drove off with her vehicle.

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The witness dialed 911, and the police quickly arrived at the scene to discover severely injured Genai, barely hanging on to life. She was shot through her chest and was declared deceased at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville. The officers interrogated the witness, who was a bus driver who claimed that an African-American male in a “white shirt with a green shirt over the top” was able to pull Genai from the vehicle and then fled in the car. The investigation was swiftly started, and police started looking for evidence to determine the culprit. The cause of her death has been determined as a shooting wound.

Who Killed Genai Coleman?

The police found Genai Coleman’s missing Dodge Stratus the following day in the parking area of a diner in Forest Park, Georgia, approximately 40 miles from the crime scene. After inspecting the vehicle for forensic analysis, they found cigarettes in the car and fingerprints of the person responsible on the door’s frame. All evidence from the forensic examination was gathered and taken to the police laboratory to be tested. Investigators also examined footage of surveillance from the scene of the crime as in the area from which the stolen vehicle was found in hopes of catching an image of the murderer.

After reviewing the surveillance cameras in both locations, police discovered a person in clothing that was similar to the description given by the victim in both video footage. He was seen buying cigarettes in the vicinity of the crime scene and walked through a parking area that was located close to the spot where the vehicle stolen by the victim was disposed of. Furthermore, the brand of cigarette that he purchased in the initial video footage was identical to the cigarette’s butt discovered in the vehicle.

The police believed they had located their killer, but they had to wait until the DNA results were available. The results revealed that the murderer was a man. The police even received a CODIS result after analyzing it in national databases. The DNA was found to be from the name of Donald Eugene Smith, who was previously convicted of a drug-related criminal conviction. It was believed that the Gwinnett County Police were sure they had located their murderer. However, when they detained Donald on February 3, 2010, he denied involvement in the murder.

Donald said he’d not seen the victim nor her vehicle and claimed the evidence of DNA was erroneous. The detectives experienced an unexpected twist of events when they presented the footage from surveillance to Donald. Donald claimed that the person in the video wasn’t him but his identical twin brother Ronald Edward Smith. Ronald owned the number that police tracked. Those unfamiliar with DNA are split among twins and are not distinguishable because identical twins share identical DNA profiles.

Donald’s other family members, including his sister and parents, confirmed that the man who was filmed was Ronald and the police knew they had a problem to fix. They detained Ronald on February 6, 2010. His fingerprints were similar to those on the victim’s car, and the cell tower’s information showed that his phone was located in the same area as the murder on that night when Genai was killed. Death, The police officer testified that Ronald confessed to the murder and was tried in the month of October.

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Where is Ronald Smith Today?

Ronald Smith claimed he did not intend to shoot Genai. However, Genai was shot by the weapon as trying to take her car. But, in the trial, Ronald said it was not him who committed the crime while blaming his brother for the incident. The lawyer representing his defense claimed that his fingerprints were found on the car because he had helped clean the car.

The jury didn’t believe the 54-year-old and found him guilty of carjacking, murder, and gun possession while committing a crime. His sentence included life in prison for killing, 20 years in prison for carjacking, and five years for possessing a firearm. The total sentence was 25 years plus life. Ronald Smith is presently incarcerated in a prison cell in the Wheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo, Georgia.

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