Entergalactic Part II Release Date Could Be Coming, as Makers Provide A Hint!

Entergalactic, an animated music video for adults, was released on Friday, September 30, 2022. It was released in conjunction with Kid’s Entergalactic album. It’s a romantic comedy with light humor. Fletcher Moules directs Entergalactic. It was created by Scott Mescudi, Kenya Barris, and Maurice Williams. Some reports claim that Entergalactic was named after Scott Mescudi’s friend, Virgil Abloh, who was also the fashion designer for the outfits in this special. Unfortunately, he died from cancer in 2021. Cudi’s shows and albums have not been released simultaneously. This music special explains the album in a 30-minute story. D.N.E.G. Animation, London, did the animation for Entergalactic season 1. This animated story depicted a Black love story, which isn’t often seen on T.V.

It depicted a love at first sight-scenario in its purest form, which is something that every Romance lover would enjoy watching. The Audience finds it interesting and new artistic concepts. Entergalactic’s music is loved by its Audience. Entergalactic was originally intended to be an episodic series. However, it is now released as a music television special. The special runs for 92 minutes. The animation is a perfect complement to the music. It is admirable that all of the bars and restaurants, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and subway, have an animated look. Entergalactic Part 1 has a large fan base. It received a rating on IMDb of 7.5 stars. It’s a Netflix movie worth watching. The animation of Entergalactic was compared to Spider-Man’s: Into the Spider-verse.

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Entergalactic Part II Release Date

Officially, the release date for Entergalactic Part 2 is not yet known. Officially, there will be another season. Mescudi said in one interview that he was already brainstorming ideas for Season 2. It is difficult to predict when Entergalactic Part 2 will be released. We can’t anticipate the second season of Entergalactic Part 2 being released until September 2023, as work on its season 2 has not begun. We may make updates or announcements if necessary.

Entergalactic Part 1 was released on Netflix on September 30, 2022. Although it was intended to be an episodic series, Cudi clarified via Twitter that Entergalactic is not designed to be binge-watched. However, the movie format allows you to watch it in one sitting.

Name of the Show Entergalactic

Season Number Season

Genre Music

Entergalactic Part 1 Release Date September 30, 2022

Entergalactic Part II Release Date Not Announced

Entergalactic Part 2 Story

Season 2 of Entergalactic might feature more of Jabari’s friends as well as Meadow’s homegirls. It is possible to see Jabari and Meadow together more often. The second season may bring more obstacles to Jabari and Meadow’s relationship.

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This story takes place in Manhattan. The story focuses on two artists’ lives. Meadow and Jabari’s love story is so touching and real that audiences can emotionally relate to them. Jabari, a graffiti artist from the special, found success through a comic book contract. All the characters are between 25 and 35 years old. The Audience can relate to many of their stories and experiences. The basic idea of the special is simple. Season 1 ends with Meadow and Jabari finally getting back together.

Entergalactic Part 2 Characters

Part 2 of Entergalactic will have the same cast as part 1. There may be a new cast member for Entergalactic Part 2! They may add many new names to the cast.

This cast was also a highlight of Entergalactic Part 1

Scott Mescundi voices Jabari. Timothee Chalamet voices Jimmy. Jessica Williams voices Meadow. Vanessa Hudgens voices Karina. Teyana Taylor voices Ky. Tyrone Griffin Jr. voices Ky. Daniella Balbuena voices, Nadia. Macaulay Culkin voices Downtown Pat. Arturo Castro voices Len. Francesca Reale voices Sysnie. Maisha Mescudi voices Ellie. Luis Guzman voices Huge.

Entergalactic Part II Trailer

The trailer for Entergalactic Part 2 is still not available. We will update this article if it is released.

Where to Watch Entergalactic Part 2 Online

Entergalactic Part 2 is still not available.

Netflix has Entergalactic Part 1 available. If Entergalactic Part 2 is released, it will also be available on Netflix.

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