Top 4 Sad Dog Movies On HBO Max

Movies can transport us through a variety of emotions. They can bring us to tears, keep us in the middle of our seats, and cause us to weep. If you’re looking for tears, there’s nothing quite like the sad film of a dog to make you cry uncontrollably, particularly if your favorite dog is at home close to you.

As a pet parent, when we look at the tear-jerkers of pets, we cannot help but weep and hug our dogs a bit tighter.

Here are eight truly sad — and wonderful — dog films that can make even the toughest, most indifferent dog owners shed a tear. Bring your tissues!

Dog Movies On HBO

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2010)

Hachi The Hachi: The Dog’s Tale encapsulates the bond between two dogs in a gorgeous and sadistic way. It’s the saddest dog film you can see and has more reviewers crying as compared to its nearest competition. It’s based upon the true tale of a dog traveling daily to the station to wait for its owner. One day, the owner did not return, but Hachi continued to walk to the station, waiting each day for nine years.

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2. Fluke (1995)

Fluke tells the story of an ordinary household man… and, well, the dog was once an adult. Tom (Matthew Modine) returns to life as an abandoned puppy named Fluke and attempts to reconstruct his former life. The second film on our list of the most heart-breaking films about dogs will cause you to cry multiple times for many reasons; however, it’s perhaps Fluke’s closest friend Rumbo (Samuel J. Jackson), who will stay in your mind.

3. Marley & Me (2009)

The third worst dog movie in our top three is the enduring story of Marley & Me. The tale of Marley is inspired by John Grogan’s book about his household and his pet, one he described as ‘the awful dog.’ If John (Owen Wilson) and Jennifer Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) adopt a puppy who is not well behaved, they aren’t sure what they’re getting into. There are funny dog antics and crucial milestones for the family, who soon realize how much they depend on their dog’s behavior.

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4. Old Yeller (1957)

The most well-known sad dog movie on our list, Old Yeller, is famous for that scene that tugs at your heartstrings every time and makes viewers cry. The film was released in 1957 and was based on the novel by the same name; however, it has endured the test of time. The story is set on a Texas ranch right in the aftermath of the Civil War. This story is about a boy named Travis (Tommy Kirk) and a dog that transforms his life to change it for the better.

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