Does Timmy Close Down Blockbuster in the End?

Netflix’s “Blockbuster” follows the life of an individual called Timmy, the proprietor of the only Blockbuster in the world. When the security net of the corporate has been removed, Timmy finds himself in the midst of everything that is related to the running of the company. It’s an enormous challenge to maintain in the midst of growing demands from the Internet as well as streaming service; however, Timmy and his team of loyal employees isn’t ready to quit.

Despite all the difficulties, he is able to draw people back to his shop. But he only has one trick in his bag, and the world has changed in the past. The season’s end marks the conclusion of Season 1. We see a sad Timmy who has lost confidence in the company and in himself. Could this be the sign of the final Blockbuster and the last one? Let’s see.

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Does Blockbuster Close Down?

Timmy’s enthusiasm for Blockbuster started when he reached seven years old. He began working at the store and slowly came around to being the owner. It was for him more than only a company to run. However, it also had significant sentimental significance as well. For the guy, Blockbuster meant everything that was good in his own life. This is the reason the company is willing to fight hard and stoically to stop the business from closing down. But he has other obligations to attend to.

Although Timmy may appear to be a picture of rainbows and sunshine on the outside, he’s endured some extremely difficult moments that have left his mark. When he was a young man, his parents divorced, which shook his faith in marriage. Even into adulthood, the man could not let go of the fact that his parent’s marriage didn’t work and was resigned to the belief that his relationships may not perform as well. That meant he couldn’t be committed to a partner and was lonely throughout the years.

Timmy also became a part of Blockbuster and, despite facing losses, didn’t leave the company. It meant that he couldn’t save enough money to make a profit and, even in his middle age, lived in the same apartment with three other roommates. But he kept his positive outlook and continued to work. He believed that regardless of what happened, the company would always be Blockbuster since it was not technically his. This was a franchise owned by and paid for by another person. However, it disappears too.

Through the course of the season, we witness Timmy confronted with these issues and much more. Timmy is forced to confront the lack of a stable relationship and makes the decision to take action. He also discovers that he has moved past his parents’ divorce but does not allow them to dictate his life any longer. He stands up to the people he loves and hates and tries to find creative ways to draw viewers into Blockbuster. However, in the end, everything becomes a catastrophe, and he’s forced to confront a different aspect of his life. Perhaps, he needs to put aside the sinking ship and look for some other way to go.

This dejection is the result of many events that occur to Timmy within a short period of time. He is devastated by not being able to communicate the feelings he has for Eliza and then discovers being married to her husband. He is the one she left after he cheated on her. Because his love for Eliza and his love for Lena was doing quite well, he is put to an end. Furthermore, the whole day is an unending wave of victory and disappointment.

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Then, the large attendance at the screening of a snobby Christmas film is actually quite good, but the star, who was supposed to be the most important reason for people to attend, is a major factor that turns them away. On the final day, the demise of the Internet caused by solar flares draws customers to Blockbuster in large numbers, but the problem gets more heated when two women argue over the same movie they would like to watch to watch for their children. In the end, there is no doubt that not only is Blockbuster destroyed, but many films are also being stolen, and that means a massive loss to the store. The combined impact of these events implies that Timmy may choose to quit for the best and most reliable Blockbuster. Timmy says he’s done it to Eliza. The stability he provided to the store is back to square one, and he’ll need to take more time and more money to fix the damage.

While it seems like it would be a wise decision for Timmy to shut down Blockbuster, he’s the type of person who isn’t willing to allow himself to be let go of quickly. The final episode may have put Timmy and the public nervous regarding the next steps for the shop. However, there may be another miracle right in the near future that will let Blockbuster make it through another day. At the moment, the odds don’t appear to be very good.

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