Does Between Two Ferns Real Or Scripted? You’ll be amazed at the truth

Before his name became famous, Zach Galifianakis started a Funny or Die talk show on which he talked to celebrities in age, from Michael Cera and Jennifer Aniston to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

It’s been in production for over ten years and has won several Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2014 and 2015; it has been made into an entire Netflix film called The Movie Between Two Ferns: The Movie.

That brings us back to the question we’ve been asking since the show’s launch: Is Between Two Ferns staged? Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Between Two Ferns real or staged?

The look and feel that is the aesthetics of Two Ferns is immediately evident as a mockery of the cable-access shows we were accustomed to in the nineties. In addition, while Zach’s interview with celebrities from all walks of life can get out of control, The show’s co-creator and Zach Scott Aukerman claim the show isn’t scripted.

Scott made an appearance to the public on Quora on the site, where the issue of whether that Funny or Die show was actually staged or not was gaining some traction. “It’s just as real as everything else in a sense,” Scott, who’s also the host of Comedy Bang! Bang! said. “If you’re watching talk shows host, you’ll find that the host is aware of what they’re going to be talking about the majority times.”

“They have conducted an interview before which they wrote the conversation. We’ve not scripted any conversation,” said the host. “So it’s much more real than the majority of talk shows that are staged. People who appear on the show are always amazed by what they are asked. In that way it’s very real.”

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In the case of Zach, Between Two Ferns is A “fantasy” that he’s always dreamed of.

An interview was conducted on ABC News; Zach describes how his unconventional interview series began. “I believe it’s a bit like a fairytale interview to me to behave rudely to the Hollywood people, and I view it with a bit of disgust and pride. The way the sycophantic Hollywood machine operates is enjoyable to mock it. This is the way “The Between Two Ferns started,” the singer declared.

The show was actually started as a short movie on another of Scott’s projects; the pilot show The Right Now! The show did not come to fruition. However, Zach and Scott decided that rather than broadcasting the interview, they’d post the video on funny or Die‘s website. This is where it got the first million views before it was soon a famous online series.

Zach confirms Scott’s assertion that guests aren’t aware of the questions they’re going to be asked or the absurd situations they’ll find themselves in. In his conversation in the studio with Natalie Portman, he asks, “You shaved your head to make V to represent Vendetta. Did you also shaved your V to show vagina?” The Star Is Born actor hits Zach repeatedly in an episode starring Bradley Cooper.

“They are seated, they are willing to go,” Zach says of the procedure. “There there isn’t any discussion prior to the event. The show just happens, there is without any preparation or arrangement in any way.” This openness and the lack of knowing what to expect excite the Hangover comedians about the show.

“Being in a position to speak to anyone, at any time regardless of whether you’re interviewing the person or not is enjoyable to do. And being inappropriate is fun for my mind,” he continued to ABC. “When I witness someone who is orally rude, I am able to laugh and not because I am in agreement with them, but because it is fun to laugh at the person. This is a sort of way to look at between Two Ferns — inappropriate humor.”

Although there’s certainly more preparation involved for the full-length film, we’re eager to see the awkward situations Zach places his interviewees in, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Dinklage, Awkwafina, Brie Larson, Tiffany Haddish, and Keanu Reeves, to name a few.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie is available on Netflix on Friday, September 20.

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