Do Raq and Symphony Break Up in Power Book III: Raising Kanan? Theories

“Power 3: Raising Kanan’ is part of the extensive ‘Power’ franchise. A prequel and a second spin-off of the original series raising Kanan revolves around the early times of Kanan Stark, one of the antagonists (later antagonists) from the series. The prequel tells the story of how a caring and promising teenager turned into a violent criminal and what role his family background played in his development.

His mother, Raquel “Raq” Thomas (Patina Miller), is an enigma. Through the initial season, she is the most powerful person in the drug market in South Jamaica, Queens. However, her constant determination to be a leader is a major factor in her relationship with Symphony Bosket (Toby Sandeman). We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering whether Raq and Symphony will break up. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Raq and Symphony Break Up?

Symphony will not be the only love attraction Raq introduced in the show. In the first episode, the audience meets High Post. In 1985, he was in a relationship with Raq when Kanan returned home after his fight with bullies. High Post was eventually killed in 1986 following his confession to authorities. Raq had also been involved in Def Con, whom Kanan believed was his father all of his life, and Malcolm Howard, his real biological father.

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There is no character more heavily connected to Raq and Kanan’s life during the timeline of the show’s story than Symphony. A sly with a reserved and sexy appearance and unquestionably good-looking, Symphony is introduced as the man pursuing a Master’s qualification with a focus on Urban Planning who is also employed as a bartender to support himself.

Symphony and Raq reside in entirely different worlds. However, they do have a connection between them. Symphony is also able to love Kanan deeply. In Season 1’s finale, following the incident in which Kanan takes out Howard, Symphony drives him to Virginia Beach. In the episode of season 2’s premiere, Raq and Kanan meet together with Symphony to express their gratitude to Symphony for helping them in their moment of need.

Raq and Symphony’s relationship broke off a few years ago. As he really liked Symphony, Symphony drove him to Virginia. When the two of them Raq are together, and they are not talking, he brings up the subject to Raq and informs her of how scared Kanan was the night he was there.

Almost instantly, Raq becomes defensive and attempts to dismiss Symphony’s concerns. She asserts that she’s Kanan’s mother and knows what’s best for the child. In the fourth episode of the series, Raq is invited by Symphony to her newly renovated home, saying she needs his advice regarding how she can decorate the space. However, Symphony quickly sees through it and then asks what transpired the night he had to bring Kanan to Virginia, which prompts Raq to reveal only a portion of the truth.

They have a sexual encounter at first, and it appears they may be getting married. But, Symphony tells her not to get in touch with her. He’s finally come to understand how different from each other’s worlds. His words clearly hurt Raq’s feelings, But she’s as confident to be her. She refuses to change a tidbit. “You’re mature. You can’t force you to do anything you aren’t interested in,” she tells Symphony.

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He relates a moment she informed him that she was taking him on vacation and then added that the only thing he wanted was her house. After he has left, the scene is charged with a sense of enduring. It’s like this is the final chapter to Raq, along with Symphony. Raq could return in future episodes, as he’s concerned for Kanan. However, unless something changes drastically, the relationship between him and Raq will not be reunited.

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