Do Naked and Afraid Participants Get Paid | How Much Do They Earn?

“Naked and Afraid” is a reality show that airs on Discovery Channel that tests the survival abilities of contestants when they are taken to an uninhabited area to care for themselves. They are forced to live without clothes and carry only one essential personal item. In addition, they need to hunt for food, shelter, and water in the wilderness to endure for several days. While they can withdraw from the contest at any time, the risk survivalists face with their lives raises questions about the worth of the risk. Are you wondering if contestants are paid? We’ll tell you what we know!

Do Naked and Afraid Participants Get Paid?

Whether contestants in ‘Naked and Fearful receive compensation has been a subject of discussion for quite some time. According to the program’s official descriptions, contestants must live by themselves for 21 days, and “the only prize is their pride and sense of accomplishment.” In an interview in 2015 with the Channel Guide, the casting director Kristi Russell asked if there was an award for those who finished the task. She stated clearly, “no. “there is no prize.”

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Naturally, this has left a lot of viewers shocked. In addition to the financial consequences of being away from their normal work schedule, The contestants are also putting their mental and physical health at risk. Taking all this into consideration, many of us wouldn’t want to go through the stress of being on the show in any way. However, some interviews with cast members from the past confirmed that they were on the show for the adventure and to prove that they would endure in the wilderness. Thus, money isn’t the primary motivator.

A former contestant, Jeff Zausch, said that although certain people are forced to be the driver of race cars, some are made to become CEOs of businesses. He also believes that they were created to challenge themselves over what is humanly feasible. A lot of contestants have returned to the show many times, showing that the achievement of the test is more satisfying than any other thing. But, it’s not an actual fact that contestants do not receive any compensation whatsoever.

How Much Do the Participants on Naked and Afraid Make?

Kristi Russell has revealed that, even though there aren’t any prizes, the contestants receive compensation to compensate for their time. She explained that they’re provided with a “weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages.” The rules for ‘Naked and Afraid’ published in 2014 stated that contestants would receive $5000 cash. Furthermore, they would receive round-trip tickets to the place of the survival contest and be able to stay for two nights in the hotel.

In addition, it’s not uncommon for contestants quit the contest. It is possible that they will withdraw due to serious injuries, illnesses, and, occasionally, mental health problems. Overall it might not look to be a fair deal; However, the contestants know what they can be expecting.

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Discovery Channel casts people on the show only if they believe they’re fit enough to take part in the survival contest. All applicants are US citizens over 18 years old and do not have existing medical issues. Russell added that they are evaluated on their skills and knowledge needed for survival in the wilderness. Since several years have passed since the announcement in 2014, the compensation amount could be a little more than $5000. But, the most current figures aren’t yet available in a formal manner.

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