Do Lissa and Christian End Up Together in Vampire Academy?

Peacock’s ” Vampire Academy The story is set in a place where vampires reside in their own world and are away from the human world. The story is centered around the political tensions brewing within the vampire royal family when their Queen is set to retire, and the issue of her heirs throws the council into a rift between the two. A young Lissa Dragomir is caught in the middle of this conflict as she struggles with the revelation of her forbidden powers and being in love with an exile.

Romance is a key element of ‘The Vampire Academy, particularly because it emphasizes the structure of a class in the vampire community. The characters frequently find themselves being drawn to those whose relationship with them is not a good thing. Lissa lands herself in a similar situation. This raises the question, is she going to marry Christian or get married to Jesse, whom she has no interest in? Let’s discover. Warning: Spoilers ahead

Will Lissa Find Love with Christian?

At the moment that Lissa Christian and Lissa Christian begin to meet one-on-one, the attraction between them is evident. Despite Christian’s status as an outcast on the social scene, due to the shady decisions made by his parents, Lissa maintains a friendship with Christian. Others warn her who believe that her friendship with someone whose parents opted to be Strigoi does her any favors in the political arena. She must have the support of those who are right for her should she wish to continue being a member of the council and remain in the race for one day, the Moroi monarch. Despite everything she might, her circumstances always bring her back to Christianity.

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It becomes clear that Lissa and Christian plan to keep their relationship no matter what anyone else thinks. The problem arises when Lissa’s right to the council seat is debated. Because she’s the sole Dragomir living, and she isn’t backed by enough support to be able to take her spot on the council. To do this, she has to marry someone with Dragomir blood, even if it’s the blood of a distant relative, to keep her in the fold. While she thinks about the options available, Jesse is the best option. In episode 5 of season 1, Lissa describes her situation to Christian and explains that even though she would like to marry him, she needs to get married to Jesse. Do you think it’s ending the journey in the relationship? Not quite.

Lissa and Christian end in a relationship in the book series with a similar name which the ‘Vampire Academy is built. In the period of six books, they experience a variety of highs and lows. Sometimes they have to break off with one another and occasionally indulge in different affairs. Still, ultimately when all has been said and done, Lissa and Christian return to one another. If the show on TV stays faithful to the original material, We could expect the same to occur for the couple on the screen.

There is, however, no guarantee the show will always be loyal to the book. For instance, the show ‘ The Vampire Diaries is also an adaptation of the books and is based on the relationship of Elena, Damon, and Stefan. In the TV show created by Julie Plec, who is also the co-creator of the show ‘Vampire Academy the show, Elena ends up with Damon. In the novels, she is, however, paired with Stefan. This is a major change; however, it’s not unwelcome. The TV show had begun to diverge from the novels right from the beginning. Although certain key elements in the novels were retained on the screen, these shows drastically differ from one another, specifically regarding character storylines. With Plec in charge of the show Vampire Academy’, the same thing could occur in this show.

From what transpired through the series, plenty is happening in Lissa’s world. The main thing she is trying to do right now is to discover the roots of her powers and the magnitude of her power. In the next step, she must bear to carry on the Dragomir legacy and battle with the other kings for the title. It’s not something she can afford at present. It appears that she’ll need to proceed with the wedding ceremony for Jesse. But, nothing is definitive until it actually happened, meaning there’s still a chance for Christian or Lissa. With all the happenings simultaneously, there’s no way of knowing how the next season holds for the couple. Also, an unexpected twist could see Lissa back to the council without needing to be married.

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Also, there is the chance of Lissa getting married to Christian. At first of the process, when Lissa was looking through the list of possible suitors, she had Christian’s name on the list. She decided against him because Christian didn’t have a sufficient solid connection with the Dragomir bloodline, and marrying him would make her seem more than a social outcast, which was not something she could afford at this time. However, if she decides to marry him, the odds might go in her favor legally, even though they don’t socially. There is enough potential that the two couples could get into a relationship based on their future outcome.

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