21 Most Disturbing Anime Sex Scenes of All Time!

The Animeverse encompasses a variety of genres and captivating plots that show human values, morals, and even character. However, there are times when these stories focus on violent or inhumane content. Manga creators are determined to create Manga with the most elaborate of scenes. These scenes may make up a larger plot, backstory or subplots. In some cases, these stories or the entire Manga is an assortment of psychological horror with a touch on sexual assault.

In most cases, these gut-wrenching animations are often a veiled or open portrayal of our culture. If you’re sensitive enough, you could also be able to discern the subtle psychological flaws of the perpetrator as well as their mental processing patterns when they commit actions in the form of physical violence.

It is vital to point out that disturbing sex scenes in anime aren’t solely about sexual assault but also disturbing sexual relations.

Today, we present the following list of anime to help you stay clear of them or to watch them test your skills. Take your time!

Important note The goal of this article is to avoid glorifying violence of any type. We’re not a fan of it. This post aims to expose the shows that feature sexual assault so that next time you watch these shows with your young children, your brother, and sister, be aware that these shows aren’t suitable for children. It is essential to prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from viewing these videos. They are intended for adults. That said, this is the list of most shocking anime sex scenes.

List of Disturbing Anime Sex Scenes of All Time

1. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem

Storyline: Akatsuki is the most egocentric and perverted character in the series. The teen battles across dimensions and is tasked with protecting Miu, the father of Miu, who he killed in a battle. The teen fights evil across all possible worlds.

Strange Occasion: I’m not sure whether Akatsuki has consent to do this or not. However, on numerous occasions, he rubs his breasts while she takes a shower. Our guy here can strip off women’s pants without even noticing. Is it strangely particular?

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2. Dororo

Genre: Shonen, Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Storyline: The anime portrays the journey of Hyakkimaru, a mature man whose father sacrificed his son to demons. Dororo, a girl dressed as a boy, joins Hyakkimaru in the pursuit of revenge and calls him “Aniki” or “Older brother.’

Unsettling Occasion: In a certain scene from the anime, Hyakkimaru’s lover Mio is seen serving two clans of enemies as a prostitute, battling for herself and the children she has abandoned she cares for. Although the scene doesn’t explicitly reveal any form of nakedness, her later opinions about her being “impure and filthy while she’s actually the kindest soul hurts. In one of the episodes, she’s executed for being believed to be a spy of the clan of enemies, making watching the show more difficult than ever before.

3. NouCome

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Storyline: The anime is odd but not uncommon, considering the plotline that revolves around a teenager known as Kanade Alaska. Kanada is cursed, and his school life is complicated by various bizarre choices in his head, all of which are questions he must answer.

Unsettling Occurrence There’s a sequence in the show in which Kanade gets a nudge from various males who try to forcefully co-opt Kanade. Does the scene have an edgy tone? What if the brutal molestation of a boy is an act of comic relief? If the action wasn’t enough, many ladies would be watching Kanade getting (raped?). The scene in which Kanade is assaulted isn’t graphic. However, the thought process into the story and the setting… are you really bothering you?

4. Paranoia Agent

Genre: Psychological Horror and Thriller, Satire

The plot: The anime and its gradual progression revolve around a criminal named “Shounen Bat. The show that is set in Tokyo is a look at the bizarre circumstances in circumstances where the criminal can attack his victims.

Unsettling Occurrence In episode 6, the girl Taeko Hirukawa is discovered to be the child victim of her dad’s sexual assault. As she browses her father’s computer, she discovers a plethora of photos of her naked that were taken with a spy camera. The incident is so painful for her that she pleads with the perpetrator to get her to “forget” what she had found.

5. Interspecies Reviewers

Genre: Fantasy, Sex Comedy

The plot: The discontinued manga series serves as a soapbox for three main characters that narrate their encounters in the car with other species.

Unsettling Occasion: Not really disturbing; however, the show is a bore and drains your brain. The show is filled with transphobia, nakedness, prostitutes, brothels and coitus. The show sexualizes children and sexualizes women in a way that is… is it possible to think what the show’s central idea is?

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6. Violence Jack

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, Action, Drama

Storyline: A post-apocalyptic Japan is plagued by a deadly gang targeting weaker social sections. Violence Jack will fight these vandals. The series includes a complete story and a single shot that was released between 1986 and 1990.

Unnerving Occurrence It is one of the more mind-shattering animations of all time. VJ isn’t well-thought-out with its plot and is filled with blood and NSFW sequences. For instance, The Evil Town arc has this scene in which, after Japan is struck by food scarcity, destruction and bloodthirsty scavenging to find a food set in motion, the men in the scene rape women, causing them to flee. In another anime episode, one woman is seen being raped with a gun. There are images of women being raped and monsters. This is an awful watch for people looking for a great plot.

7. Perfect Blue

Genres: Psychological thriller

The plot: The plot perfectly exposes the dark side of celebrity life. The story revolves around two girls who are J-pop stars, and the other one is her manager, who has the unfulfilled dream of becoming an infamous pop icon. Mima, the J-pop star, suffers from mental illness because of certain events in the film, and Rumi, her manager, is caught up in some bizarre shit, which slowly unravels as the movie progresses.

A frightening incident: Mima later gets sexually assaulted by a group of males. The scene or the act of sexual assault is intended to gain her acclaim in her quest to transform her life from being a model to acting. The story is a thrilling look, with added psychological elements as well as internalized trauma.

8. Paprika

Genres: Sci-fi psychological thriller

Storyline: This anime movie in and of itself is a psychological masterpiece that explores the “dream realm ” and other associated ideas. The story is based on a device called the DC Mini invented by a lab tech Atsuko Chiba, who is able, through its aid, can access the darkest and secluded areas of their mind, which is useful in treating mental illnesses. Then, when the device is taken, and the condition of mental terrorism is felt by many, Chiba’s alter ego, “Paprika”, embarks on a quest to locate the perpetrator and aid those.

Unsettling Occasion: While there are many disturbing aspects in the animation, The most disturbing one occurs when within one particular scene, the man grips a woman’s bottom and rubs her with his fingers in the dream sequence. A different, bizarre scene is the encounter of Paprika with an old man in another dream sequence, where she slams her hands down his pants and tells him, “It is going to get rough.”

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9. Devilman Crybaby

Genre: Supernatural Horror

The plot: The anime is about two of their friends, Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka, who battle demons to save Earth from the ravages. The anime series is a shocking collection of topics such as homophobia, bigotry of the human race and mass violence, among others. Devilman Crybaby features several scenes with characters with strange sexual dreams, fantasies about sexual sex infused with gore, and characters contemplating raping other characters.

Unsettling Occasion: While there are off-putting situations in every episode of Devilman Crybaby, Episode 5 is the best in the series when Akira is seen sexually assaulting demon Silene/Sirene, most horrifyingly. When Silene initially agrees to sexual relations with Akira to awaken her lover Amon who is then absorbed into her body through an occult ritual, afterward, when Silene discovers that Amon isn’t the devil she was once a fan of and is attempting to eliminate Amon only to be wounded and physically smashed by Akira in mid-air. This incident is frequently debated as to whether it could be regarded in a way that it is rape.

10. Shimoneta

Genres: Dystopian, School comedy, Sex Comedy

The plot: Shimoneta rose to prominence through the light-hearted novel that it created, a slice-of-life type of anime. The show follows the lives of the people of Japan, who are prohibited from engaging in the use of any language that is explicit or performing an act. However, trouble arises when the terrorist group ‘SOX is formed to rebel against the dictatorial administration, with notorious Ayame Kajou as the gang’s leader.

Strange Occasion: Several episodes brim with lovemaking, nudity, and forcible sexual intercourse. But the over-sexualization of lads and lassies can make anyone sick. There’s a scene that shows the girl trying to smear her crush several times (she is successful later) and feeds him cookies made of their vaginal discharge. A lot is happening in this show without consent. You can watch it at your own discretion!

11. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Genre: Mecha

The plot: NGE is an animated series that tells the tale of a constant conflict between biomechanical humans referred to as “Evangelions” and those referred to as “Angels.’ Shinji Ikari is the protagonist of this series who is enlisted into the paramilitary unit of the “Nerv” through his dad. The show is based on themes based on human behavior, old symbols and culture is woven well.

A stumbling occurrence: In the film “NGE: The End of Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, ” Shinji is seen masturbating with his girlfriend Asuka, who is crippled. Shinji’s post-nut clarity following his doing the act isn’t helpful!

12. Psycho-pass

Genre Cyberpunk Psychological thriller

The plot: The anime series set in Japan’s future offers an interesting way to enforce the law by using biomechatronic scanning. Japanese law enforcement agencies employ the scan to find criminals and potential criminals and then eliminate or detain them if their crime Coefficient rises.

A triggering event: There’s no graphical display of intercourse or rape scenes. However, certain scenes show the aftermath or precedent of a rape. In the first episode of season one, a character with psychopathic tendencies can be shown smacking the woman with a fiery knife he is holding hostage after expressing his desire to sexually assault women. Episode 114 shows a male can be observed approaching a woman who is brutally attacking the woman with a stick, rendering her unconscious. The next thing you know, he is rapping her. As all this happens, the audience watches and records the incident on their smartphones. This particular rape sequence from anime is quite realistic, especially considering the severity of the crimes of the present and the viewers’ reactions.

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13. Nana

Genre: Josei, Musical, Romance

Story: Nana is pleasant to watch most of the time. It dives into friendships, personal differences, ideas, character growth, and more. The show featured two female characters; both share the same name but have very distinct personality traits. Nana 1 hopes to be famous and is known for her attractive and sexy look and is not like Nana 2, who is in a dependent relationship with her partner.

Strange Occasions: There are not many instances of graphic violence or abuse. There’s an incident or two in which Nana 2 is forced into having a sexual encounter with her partner. Nana 2’s inability to help makes the viewer feel powerless and frustrated.

14. Goblin Slayer

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Storyline: The anime is set in the world of magical Goblins, the creatures that are known as goblins, The sufferings that they cause, as well as the way heroes, defend humanity by fighting against the evil creatures. In this show, many girls and women are taken by goblins to be raped and then breed their children.

A spooky occurrence: While the anime itself is mostly visually restricted to showing girls being raped in the opening episode, after the first amateur priestess, who is a maiden, and her crew lose the goblin-slaying mission and an adventurer from the women’s group’ is sexually assaulted by a group of goblins. There are several disturbing rape scenes in the series that involve girls from the elf race as well. It’s possible to conclude that there are at least four scenes of explicit sexual violence in the show.

15. Garden of Sinners

Genre: Light Novel, Supernatural, Suspense

The plot: Though Garden of Sinner isn’t an anime show, it has eight films, an OVA, and a feature film. The story concerns depression, murder, life philosophy, murder, and self-identity crises.

Unsettling Occurrence The Occurrence of a disturbing event: In the film ‘Garden Of Sinners: Remaining Sensation of Pain,’ the first 30 seconds focus on the antagonist ‘Fujino Agami, who is a high school student being raped at an unlit pool table by several Gangsters. This scene is even more painful because Fujino cannot comprehend and feel her pain as she is being victimized. The scene has been removed.

16. Ninja Scroll

Genre: Action Thriller, Ecchi, Fantasy

The plot: The anime is set in the Edo period and concerns the adventures of a Ninja Jubei Kibagami, who is tasked with guarding a valuable item called “Dragon Stone” and being the human shield of the bearer of the stone, Shigure. A spy assists the government’s main character and an armed robber in his quest.

Unsettling Occurrences: Several scenes feature graphic violence, molestation, rape, and sexual activities. Certain episodes are so horrifying that watching them can be a pain in the back! For instance, in one of the show’s scenes, a man is advised to have a sexual encounter with a woman to eliminate poisons in his body. There’s also the scene of a rape attempt by an unnamed monster.

17. Berserk

Genre: Dark Fantasy

The plot: This anime revolves around the story of the main character, “Guts,” the swordsman who battles monsters and other negative forces. The show then follows Guts’ character development and journey as a member of a mercenary band called ‘Band of the Hawk.’

Unsettling Occurrences: Numerous scenes portray sexual assaults committed by non-humans but creatures that resemble demons and animals. It is not recommended to watch the series or even read the Manga if you are sensitive to this material. The three most disturbing scenes of the show that are horribly desecratingChapter 124. In this chapter, the possessed horse is seen robbing an innocent girl. A different chapter depicts Griffith appearing to rape Casca to curse Casca and Guts’ Child. The Manga is filled with brutal scenes and chapters of rapes and attempts to commit rape.

18. Redo of Healer

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

The plot: Redo of Healer is basically the story of revenge for the principal character who was victimized and mistreated during his previous. In this show, Mc was tortured physically and mentally and sexually assaulted by the princess and male companions ( as well as women) many times. Thus, Keyaru vows to rape and kill all of them to take revenge for the harm they caused him.

Unsettling Occurrence to pick a disturbing anime sex scene from this anime…aww Shucks, I’m referring to the show that is unfair to the male protagonist Keyaru, who has been soiled and altered at least a few times over the years. Watching the Redo of Healer may not be the best choice for those with a sensitive heart or who suffer from PTSD. The show is full of scenes of anime rape, and you could even call it borderline the hentai.

19. Shoujo Tsubaki

Genres: Horror, Mature Tragedy, NSFW, and Horror

Storyline: A film released in 1992 by Shoujo Tsubaki depicts the painful and heartbreaking experience that a young girl has to go through after her mother’s death. The film is a psychological horror and was prohibited in Japan.

A triggering event: Every scene in the movie does not contain some kind of abuse, violence, or nakedness. Adults in the freakshow repeatedly attack Midori, a choirgirl in an outdoor circus. The film is a scathing depiction of the terrible conditions in our society as well as the struggles of victims of sexual assault.

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20. Kill La Kill

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi, Sports

Storyline: A high school girl is seeking revenge on her father’s killers. Her unique method of achieving justice is coupled with her baffling weapon choice, i.e., her father’s knife. Does this mean that high school students are supposed to be? Yikes!

Strange Occurrence The episode 16, known as ‘The Bath Scene’, the main antagonist of the series Ragyo Kiryuin sexually molested her daughter when she was in the bathtub. Ragyo abuses her daughter’s body on multiple occasions. She’s a rapist and an unfit mother.

21. Cross Ange

Genre: Action, Yuri, Meccha, Supernatural, Ecchi anime

Storyline: After being stripped of her title as Mitsurugi, the princess of the Empire, Angelise Ikaruga Mitsurugi, is held in Arzenal in Arzenal, where she has to fight against malefic creatures called Dragons.

Unsettling Occasion: In Episode 1, Princess Angelise is sent into a cell as a “Norma” girl who is abused under the pretense of a “cavity check” by guards from the Norma prison. They encase a piece of electronic equipment into her but post, and she is spotted lying on the floor, bleeding from her anus and a bruised body. There are plenty of shocking themes that the show explores without much effort!

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