Did Marilyn Monroe Really Call Her Husbands Daddy?

The Netflix documentary “Blonde” is a look at the professional and personal lives of the renowned Marilyn Monroe. The fictionalized film provides an insight into many of the private moments of the actress’s life that were kept from view in the spotlight of her status as an iconic Hollywood famous persona as a person.

The film also examines relationships with her third and fourth husbands, including the famous athlete Joe DiMaggio and the renowned playwright Arthur Miller. Monroe makes use of the word “daddy” to refer to the two of them. Because Andrew Dominik’s story is a mixture of fiction and authentic, the audience will be interested to know whether Monroe truly called her husband “daddy” when she was in reality. Let us know the answer!

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Did Marilyn Monroe Call Her Husbands Daddy?

Marilyn Monroe’s first marriage was with James Dougherty, a police officer in the LAPD at 16 years old. Monroe was raised without any father figure as well as her mom Gladys Pearl Baker suffered from mental illness. 

When she was admitted into a mental health facility at the age of 16, she got married to Dougherty, reportedly in order to avoid going back in an orphanage. According to sources, Monroe did call Dougherty “daddy” and was believed to view Dougherty as her father, rather than an heir. Their union came to an end in 1946.

In 1954, Monroe married Joe DiMaggio. According to the reports, Monroe also called DiMaggio “daddy.” According to Richard Ben Cramer’s novel ‘Joe DiMaggio A Hero’s Life,’ Joe even wrote his letters to his wife “Pa.” It is believed that there aren’t any evidence to suggest that Monroe was referring to the third man she had married Arthur Miller the same but it’s possible she did, particularly considering how she perceived her previous husbands. 

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Based on Charles Casillo’s “Marilyn Monroe A intimate Life of a Public Icon the author claims that Monroe did consider Miller as her dad persona. “Miller was Monroe’s current father figure, savior and her lover and she believed in the idea, pouring all of her emotions into it in order to make it a reality,” Casillo wrote in the book.

Monroe tried everything to locate her father who was reported to have left her mother after she became pregnant with her former. In the past Monroe’s biographers have remarked her desire to fill the void left by her father by pursuing males who were romantically involved with her. Based on Monroe’s coaching coach Natasha Lytess, the actress seemed to be conscious of her “father problems.”

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In J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book, ‘The The Secret The Life of Marilyn Monroe The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,’ Natasha wrote about discussing Monroe’s “father problems” with the actress on an extended vacation.

The author Charles Casillo believes that Monroe did attempt to find her father among the men she lived their lives with. “She (Monroe) placed all her hope in the people she was with. That’s what she was always searching for -“This is my father and my savior. She was a girl born in turmoil, and she lived all of her life searching for a way to be saved.” Casillo said about the similar issue, according to New York Post.

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