Did Jamie Denbo’s Diane Leave Kevin Can F**k Himself | Find Out Why!

AMC’s comedy series “Kevin Can F**k Him” ends with Diane looking for comfort in her niece Allison Devine McRoberts after Chuck, her husband, abandons her.

The first episode and the second episode of the second season show Allison trying to help Diane deal with Chuck’s departure. Allison also gets help from Diane to locate Kevin McRoberts, her husband’s valuables. She can pawn them and make money.

Season 2’s second episode features Allison learning about a major decision Diane makes regarding her life in Worcester. This leads us to wonder if Jamie Denbo was still with us. We found out the following about the episode. SPOILERS BELOW.

What happened to Diane?

Diane is devastated when her husband Chuck cheats on her. For comfort, she meets Allison without realizing that her niece is struggling with the aftermath of her husband’s suicide attempts. Allison does her best to support her aunt, even though their relationship isn’t always perfect. Allison and Diane seem to reunite after Diane desperately wants to flee from Kevin and Worcester. She continues to feel suffocated by the city’s dullness. Diane can see her contempt for the city.

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Diane left for South Carolina without telling Allison, especially after hearing the lecture of her niece about how difficult it is to find happiness here in Worcester. Diane must have taken her niece’s words to heart and fled the city to pursue an adventure in South Carolina. The second episode of season 2 brings Allison to the attention of Billy Terrell, a private investigator who discovers the aunt’s decision. Is Diane really gone? Does this mean Jamie Denbo will no longer be a part of the show? Let’s see.

Jamie Denbo Left Kevin Can F**k himself?

Jamie Denbo didn’t leave “Kevin Can F**k Him”! First, neither AMC nor Denbo has announced Denbo’s supposed departure. AMC has released several images featuring Denbo regarding the upcoming episodes. This makes it clear that we have not seen the last of Denbo in the dark comedy series. Denbo’s Diane and Kevin are shown in one of these images. This indicates that Denbo will be returning to Worcester from South Carolina. These factors indicate that Denbo is still a part of the show’s cast.

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Diane’s decision not to travel to South Carolina most likely reacted to Chuck’s actions. Diane must have hated the city where she witnessed her marriage fall after listening to Allison’s words. Diane may have found comfort in South Carolina through an impulsive trip. In one of the future episodes, we may see her return to Worcester, her hometown. Allison is fired from Samuel “Sam,” so Diane will need to welcome her niece to the liquor store, even though she has already appointed her replacement.

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