Did Gotham Garage Manage To Sell The Concept Vehicles?

‘ Car Masters: Rust to Riches is an exhilarating show about cars following the Temecula, California-based Gotham Garage crew as they confront a damaged vehicle, find the components, and bring it back to its former glory with some elegance. Everyone on the crew is exceptionally talented, and it’s exciting to see their efforts to achieve perfection in every project they create. In addition, the show seldom concentrates on interpersonal relationships. Instead, it gives us a real glimpse into the inner activities of the garage, which has been well-received by most viewers.

As the name suggests, The Gotham Garage crew mainly works on old and rusty vehicles. In season 3, however, The owner of the garage, Mark Towle, decided to undertake a major task to build a prototype bicycle and car, which turned out to be quite expensive. In addition, the team could not find a buyer for the concept, which further exacerbated their losses. Let’s find out whether Gotham Garage was finally able to sell the concept vehicle. Let’s see, shall we?

Did Gotham Garage Sell The Concept Vehicles?

While Gotham Garage was doing quite well, based on its philosophy of acquiring used cars and turning them into stunning four-wheeled marvels, the proprietor, Mark Towle, always was looking to take his enterprise to the next stage.

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After lots of thinking and brainstorming, he thought up the idea of a conceptual bicycle and car combination that would allow the garage to establish itself as a reputable car maker. The team managed to build the prototype cars within the timeframe they were given; however, a significant amount of money was poured into the venture, and Mark was aware that he needed to sell the concept for a substantial sum to pay his team paychecks.

Interestingly, after they failed to find a suitable buyer and were unable to find a buyer, the team came up with the idea of holding an auction on the internet for the vehicle. But, as luck happened, the auction ended up being an absolute failure because the bidders weren’t willing to meet Mark’s price and the owner refused to take an offer that was lower The whole venture was deemed losing money. Not surprisingly, this huge loss led to some tension within the group. However, Mark was soon able to take on a new venture and did not want to share his profit in the hope of resolving the issue.

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In the end, in season 4, a businessman, as well as the owner of an online auction, Nick Smith, approached Mark on behalf of a prospective buyer to purchase the concept cars. In the role of a broker, Nick was quite eager to make a deal since he was impressed by how Mark was running Gotham Garage. Even though Mark and his salesperson, Shawn Pilot, initially offered $315,000, they debated for an extended period before agreeing to $285,000. From the look of things, Gotham Garage earned a profit from the concept cars, and it is interesting to note that Nick Smith even joined the team towards the end of season 4.

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