Did Carmela Zumbado’s Anna Avalos Leave Chicago PD?

The ninth episode of the NBC police procedural show “Chicago P.D.’ depicts the fatherly bond that Henry “Hank” Voight shares with Anna Avalos, an undercover informant who works for his efforts to stop the drug cartel dubbed “Los Temidos.” Anna begins working in a bakery owned by Javier Escano, one of the drug dealers Hank is trying to catch. Despite the risks associated with the job, Anna tries her best to complete her task, which opens the door to disastrous consequences.

In the season finale of the ninth season, Anna’s fate is changed, and the viewers are shocked by Anna, the sassy character. Because the character isn’t featured in the premiere episode of season ten episode, we’ve attempted to determine if Carmela Zumbado has left the show. This is what we know! SPOILERS Ahead.

What happened To Anna Avalos?

As Anna’s family had an association with “Los Temidos,” Hank recognizes that she is perfect for the job of an undercover agent. Anna starts working in Javier Escano’s store, which serves as a disguise for his drug trafficking activities. When Javier begins to realize officials are monitoring him, Anna starts to worry about her and her son’s lives. Hank assures her that there isn’t anything to worry about. As he arranges witnesses protection for her, however, Anna’s worries only increase. Anna escapes the protection and then murders Javier to ensure that he does not find her or Rafa after he learns the truth about her.

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After the murder of Javier, Anna and Rafa can escape just for Hank to follow them. Anna was involved in a vehicle accident, and Hank arrived at the scene just to shoot the gun at him. Hank is trying to calm her down, but her psyche isn’t able to follow his instructions. If a siren from the police alarms her, she fires the gun toward Hank and waits to have Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton shoot at her.

Hank is still trying to save her, but she passes away. Naturally, viewers will be wondering if Anna’s death could have opened the door that allowed Carmela Zumbado to quit the show. Let’s discover.

Did Carmela Zumbado Leave Chicago P.D. ?

Although Anna died, she has not yet NBC or Carmela Zumbado officially announced the exit of the actress from the show ‘Chicago P.D.’ Irrespective of the fact that the character died, Zumbado can still feature on the show in flashback scenes, particularly since Hank is still trying to get over the loss of Anna.

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In an interview in September 2022, showrunner Gwen Sigan revealed that Hank would be battling the guilt of not having saved Anna throughout the 10th season. So, we might encounter Anna back in Hank’s dreams or visions or even in flashback scenes. In the very first episode of the 10th season, Hank constantly thinks about Anna. This shows how Anna remains a part of the show.

“He’s [Hank] experiencing a lot of guilt in the first episode, to the point that there’s a lot of bleeding. He’d like to have taken things differently. We’ll definitely see it keep happening throughout the seasons,” Sigan explained to Deadline. In light of Sigan’s explanation, there is no way to exclude Zumbado’s appearance on the show. It’s likely to be during flashbacks.

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