Did Aileen Wuornos Kill her husband? How Did Lewis Gratz Fell Die?

“Aileen Wuornos, American Boogeywoman” is a thriller that tells the story of the serial killer who was the first woman to be identified in the US.

Did Aileen Wuornos Kill her husband? It is not a secret that Aileen was a violent and hostile woman who tried to seize every opportunity.

This led her to lose some of her personal relationships. We have the details of the relationship she had with Lewis Gratz Fell.

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Did Aileen Wuornos kill her husband?

Lewis Gratz Fell was comfortably living in Florida when he met Aileen Wuornos, 20 years old, in 1976. He was the president of the local yacht club, which meant that he was not only wealthy but also a member of the state’s elite society. Despite his life experiences, the father-of-one quickly fell in love with the younger Aileen. Things only got worse.

Aileen and Lewis’ nuptial announcement was published in the society pages of their local newspaper. This inadvertently meant that Aileen’s wild behaviour in nearby establishments, one that resulted in her arrest for assault, also affected him. As if this wasn’t enough, shortly after their wedding, Aileen grabbed her husband’s cane and struck him with it, as also portrayed.

Lewis survived the incident and obtained a restraining warrant against his wife. This led to the annulment of their marriage on July 21, 1976. According to reports, the couple had only been together for mutual benefit. Aileen was interested in money, while Lewis wanted a beautiful wife. The legal binding of the couple was for only nine weeks. We know there was no more to their relationship than the nine weeks.

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How Did Lewis Gratz Fell Die?

Aileen was a serial killer, and Lewis Gratz Fell was lucky to escape her. According to the film, he never spoke about his time with her after the divorce. We are happy to report that he seemed to have made the most of their short union until his death at 92 years old on January 6, 2000. It is not known what caused Lewis’ death. He may have simply died naturally as his wealth and health had run their course.

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