Dhirendra Singh Murder Mystery | How Did He Die?

The Netflix series ‘Indian Predator, the Diary of a Serial Killer, lives up to its name in every possible way. It provides a fascinating insight into the process that resulted in a rumored cannibal being exposed.

Also, the incident that involved Dhirendra Singh is at the forefront and in the middle of this three-part original and focuses on the human aspect of the case through first-hand account by his loved ones. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about this case, specifics of what happened, the events that happened, its lengthy investigations, and its surprising results, We’ve got it covered.

How Did Dhirendra Singh Die?

As the youngest son of four born into a working-class family within the town of Bairi located in Uttar Pradesh, India, Dhirendra (or Dheerendra) Singh was aware from the beginning that dedication to work is the most important factor to success. So, he landed a journalist job right after college graduation (despite having degrees in sciences), only to climb the ranks due to his passion, dedication for community-based pieces, and contacts. In reality, when he reached his 30s, he had made an identity for himself in a Hindi daily newspaper known as Aaj, and that’s why his sudden disappearance left people in complete confusion.

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Because Dhirendra was not the type to work late without warning the office, he had told colleagues they wouldn’t be coming in on December 14, 2000, due to family obligations to the village. However, that fateful day would be the final time he ever heard from me because he never made his way back home. A formal missing person complaint was issued around the 17th. He had a phone, but it was turned off, and his bicycle was not found, as was his bicycle. Tracing the last steps he took was also futile at that point if his killer confessed that he had killed the journalist.

The headless and naked remains of Dhirendra were discovered in a forest in the city of Rewa, close to Jabalpur located in Madhya Pradesh, by local officials in the morning. However, it wasn’t until the truth came out on December 18 that Dhirendra was recognized for the right reasons. His skull was later rediscovered in Bansagar Lake in Madhya Pradesh. The young man in the family was shot in the head once before being thrown into Rewa, which was where not just was the head dislocated to prevent being recognized, but his genitals were too.

Who Killed Dhirendra Singh?

Uttar Pradesh locals Ram Niranjan (better known as Raja Kolander) and his brother-in-law Vaksharaj Kol are the two persons accountable for Dhirendra’s horribly shocking murder. As per the Netflix production, one of the last calls from the journalist’s phone was to his landline (on December 16) and immediately connected him to the incident. However, when they spotted Raja as he drove home with his partner, they spotted a hint that something was wrong and took the pair to the police station for questioning.

They utilized every method to discover the truth, particularly after someone noticed that the shoes of Vaksharaj appeared similar to those of Dhirendra, as per the documentary. He eventually admitted that the shoes belonged to the deceased and the missing cellphone was actually found in the backseat of the car they were traveling in, only to say he’d assisted Raja in killing him. He then informed police that they’d shot the journalist following his invitation to him to his piggery farm. Still, they didn’t get rid of the remains of his body until later that night in the movie ‘Indian Predator..’

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Raja initially claimed that their fierce political rivalries and an illicit relationship between Dhirendra with his partner were his motives. However, the reality is that it was just self-preservation. He was allegedly aware that a journalist had gotten wind of his car-looting or murderous actions, prompting him to put the issue behind him before he could report on the similar. The incident didn’t go for him. However, the subsequent investigations revealed the horrific details of his criminal history as a suspected criminal and serial killer. Raja Vaksharaj and Raja Vaksharaj were arrested on December 18, 2000. They would receive a life sentence in prison for murder ten years later on November 30, 2012.

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