Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date | Every Update About The Series!

Darwin’s Game is one of the most successful science fiction films released in 2020. It was originally a manga-based story drawn and written by FLIPFLOPs in 2012. The anime adaptation was developed through the Nexus studio and was released on January 3, 2020. Nexus studio is a Japanese animation house that’s been operating for the past few years but has shown that it can do great with this particular anime.

We also recognize this studio through the popular television show Chivalry of the Failed Knight. The show’s initial Season, which aired 11 episodes in all, was also featured on Crunchyroll and Funimation and Aniplex of America also licensed the show. It’s also accessible on Netflix as well as Hulu T.V. The popular anime series has attracted viewers from all over the world. For the whole past year, viewers have been anxious about the upcoming Season. Has the show been renewed for another season?

What was the plotline of DARWIN’S Game?

A message is delivered to Sudo Kaname’s cell phone. After clicking upon the fake hyperlink within the email, Kaname finds himself in an online game called Darwin’s Game. Kaname doesn’t really care and continues to attend school. A few hours later, a text is received on his phone, and a participant says she is interested in playing with Kaname. Kaname is willing to accept the invitation of the panda-costume player sporting knife, as shown on the phone, but in reality, a person wearing knives dressed in a panda costume shows up and begins to attack. Kaname can escape this attack and can escape, realizes that he will continue playing, and the tension-filled moments start from this moment.

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The finale of Darwin’s Game was significant. The fans didn’t anticipate such a conclusion and were amazed. The fans were impressed in the finale that the main character seized the territory and prohibited the D-Game in these regions. They also broke the norm of not killing during the final episode, bringing the show to a new level. The viewers who watched the series’s final episode might be able to imagine that the second Season could be quite different from the first Season. Darwin’s Game.

Is there a possibility of a second DARWIN’S GAME SEASON?

Some sources claim that the show is renewed for another season and will be able to satisfy the viewers; however, this is not the truth. Don’t worry about it. On Friday, September 5, 2022, there’s no cancellation, and the show is not yet renewed for the next Season. Studio Nexus, Manga publisher Akita Shoten, FLIPFLOPs, or any other related company remain quiet regarding the show’s new Season. Although there’s an official statement, there is a possibility to speculate on the new Season. Animation gets approval for the new Season by a set of criteria. Let’s examine these key factors.


The show is inspired by an original manga written by and illustrated by FLIPFLOPs, which is mentioned in the introduction. The first time the manga was shown was on December 12, 2012, and it continues to air. The manga is published in the Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine, 26 volumes have been released to Date, and the most recent volume was released on June 8, 2022. This continuation in the manga series is crucial in terms of both availability of the source material and the idea of a brand new season that serves as an advertising campaign for the manga.

Anime is a very faithful manga in its plot and illustrations. The first Season contains 30 chapters in the manga. It’s the approximate eighth volume. This is good since the manga will provide sources for a new season and even more. There is also no official expectation for the manga series at this time, so there will be that there will be more source material to come in the future.

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Manga is among Japan’s top manga series, and anime feeds it. Based on the Myanimelist rank, it’s placed at 391st place. This is an above-average position. Darwin’s Game is an anime available in all countries as Funimation and Crunchyroll licensed it; however,, its popularity in Japan is often the deciding factor for a new season of the series. Over 40k users to Date are following the Twitter profile for the series. This is a decent number, but it isn’t enough to guarantee a new season. It is evident that the animes that are renewed for the new Season typically have more than 100k fans. In this way, it seems like Darwin’s Game needs more.

What do you think of the DISC SALES?

Disk sales are crucial because animes are for-profit items. For an anime to be eligible for the opportunity to have a new season, it’s anticipated to average four thousand sales. The committee will usually not grant the green light to an upcoming season if it is less than this amount. However, Darwin’s Game is one of those shows that did not meet its goals in sales of discs. The show only sold 734 copies during the first week, and the number did not surpass this amount the next week.

PositiveSAbove Average Review (7.25 7.25 MA, 7.3 on IMDb)Above Average PopularityBig Distributor, such as NetflixEnough Manga Source Material Availability Good Manga Sales (4plus million units of print)Ongoing MangaNEGATIVESNo Success on Disc the SalesLow Popularity of JapanOnly One Season50Renewal Chances

Possible release DATE of DARWIN’S GAME

As of June 14, 2022, as of the Date at the time of writing, anime had never been renewed to a new season. It’s not clear what the status of the anime is. Nexus is working on the series and hasn’t revealed any plans for the anime in 2023 or beyond that Date. However, Darwin’s Game appears to be one of the highest-profitable merchandise produced by the studio, despite the low sales of discs. Because there isn’t any renewal in the works, it’s impossible to anticipate an upcoming season until 2022. In the meantime, the most suitable release date for the new Season is 2023-2024.

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Is there a new trailer for Season 2?

The series hasn’t been confirmed for season 2. This is why it’s impossible to watch a new season trailer at this time. While some new season trailers are created by collaging episodes from previous seasons on YouTube, they are not official and don’t include information about the new Season. A new trailer for the Season could be released in the upcoming months.

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