Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date!!

Video games can be a way to relax for most people. However, anime characters often don’t get the same privileges. You can bet there will be a catch whenever a videogame serves as a series’s main setting or plot device. For example, the eponymous “Sword Art Online” game seems great until you realize that death in the Game can also mean death in real life. Similar results can be found for “Darwin’s Game,” a mobile game that is based on the Netflix anime. The Game takes place in real-life, and killing people seems to be the main goal.

It doesn’t matter how much fun this kind of Game is, but people still love to watch it. At least here in the real world. Based on the 2012 manga, the anime has already completed its first season. However, fans continue to clamor for more. Here’s what we know about the second season of “Darwin’s Game” now that Netflix has acquired it.

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Studio Nexus has yet to confirm if “Darwin’s Game” will be receiving a second season. The original series aired in the spring 2020. Since then, no news has been made about the series. Netflix also acquired the series for streaming that year. It is unknown whether that has impacted the series’ popularity enough to warrant a second season from Studio Nexus.

Darwin’s Game is a simple mobile app that allows you to play in the universe. Every player receives a “Sigil” once they create an account. This is an ostensible superpower that only a single person can have, which will help them on their way to victory. The goal of the Game is to eliminate other players by all means. While this could mean making them surrender to the Game, most people prefer murder because it is the easiest and most efficient strategy.

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In the midst of all the murder and mayhem, protagonist Kaname Sudou seeks to make a positive difference. He ends Season 1 as one the most mysterious up-and-comers of D-Game, winning against Eighth. Kaname decides to hunt for D-Game’s Game Master to end all the bloodshed after he has killed Eighth’s leader. He and the Sunset Ravens are now more influential, so they can take steps to stop people from playing D-Game in their territory.

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