Best Cryptocurrency Movie On Netflix For Crpto Fans!

Crypto is the new ruling currency. In this digital era, understanding digital assets have become a vital need. If you feel stuck to understand these heavy crypto terms like Bitcoin, Blockchain and cybercrime, then here are the top picks on Best Cryptocurrency Movies On Netflix for you.

Be it a beginner to digital money, or a pro at stock exchange, all these listed movies will let you understand the crypto world more clearly. So, be ready to dive in the digital era with these best crypto related movies and shows online.

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Best Cryptocurrency Movies On Netflix

1. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, Netflix

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency movies on Netflix, then Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King is the best choice for you. It’s the story of a young crypto exchange officer, Gerry Cotten, who happens to die unexpectedly. Later in the movie, there are a lot of twists and turns that come out. In short, it’s an everyday representation of business exchanges and running stock markets.

2. Explained: Cryptocurrency, Netflix

Explained: Cryptocurrency is one if the most popular crypto movies on Netflix. This series is a non fictional depiction of several crypto terms like stock market, pirates, diamonds, exchanges,etc. If you are new to Crypto, then the season one of this series will clear all your doubts regarding the digital currency by explaining all the complexities associated with it.

3. Startup

Are you a tech geek? Or someone looking forward to start their own business/startup? If yes, then don’t miss out watching ‘StartUp’ movie available on Netflix.

The movie presents the story of a young programmer named Izzy Morales, who comes up with a worldwide reaching cryptocurrency idea called GenCoin. The movie takes an intense move when crime, moneylaundering, and gangsters try to overpower the idea of crypto.

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4. Bitcoin Heist

Belive it or not but heist movies are exceptionally good. If you too love interstering plots and crisp storylines, then Bitcoin Heist is just the right pick for you.

It’s a Vietnamese movie, but you can watch it on Netflix easily. Be ready to experience some thrilling action scenes along with some introduction to digital money.

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