Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending

In the 13th season in ‘ The Classroom of the Elite season 2, entitled ‘The Most Dangerous Person You will ever meet is You,’ Ayanokouji saves Ryuuen from being kicked out of school to remove another foe from his class , who has been pestering him for some time. He has an outing with Satou and is then proposed to her. It’s later revealed He has been manipulating Karuizawa into becoming his ideal Pawn. Here’s everything you should be aware of the conclusion of ‘Classroom of The Elite season 2, episode 13. Warning! There’s a spoiler ahead!

Classroom of The Elite: Finale Season 2, Season 2.

Sad and disappointed, Ryuuen appears to have abandoned any hope of ever rebuilding the power he once held at school. When he is able to walk off from his life, Ibuki tries to convince him not to quit and calls him back to his original remarks. He doesn’t show any enthusiasm for any fight for power anymore. Ibuki gets so angry with him that she throws him down and leaves.

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Away, Satou meets Karuizawa to seek advice on dating as she plans to go out for dinner with Ayanokouji on December 25. In the evening, she is unsure whether Ayanokouji is motivated by motives of romantic or strategic in being with Satou. Surprisingly she receives a telephone call from Ayanokouji himself, who wants her to gather all the information she can regarding Satou without providing much detail.

Ayanokouji also gets to know Ryuuen, who he cleverly defended from being removed from the school. He plans to have Kushida removed from the school to correct Class D so that he is not required to constantly look behind his back any longer. Ryuuen recognizes that he’s becoming a pawn of Ayanokouji and doesn’t appear to have any intentions of excessively heating him up at this time. Ayanokouji is later able to meet Horikita and tries in order to persuade her to become a member of the Student Council.

The Classroom Season 2 Finale Ending: Do Satou confess to Ayanokouji? Why does he reject her Romantic Proposals?

According to the plan, Ayanokouji meets Satou on the date of December 25 and is joined by Karuizawa and Hirata. Ayanokouji was not anticipating having a double date, and Hirata believed that he should leave the couple to go on their own since they might have plans. Karuizawa believes that the double date would be more fun, and Satou supports her.

Ayanokouji isn’t too worried about Hirata and Karuizawa being together, So he informs his acquaintances that he’s okay having a double date as is as long as everyone is on the same and on the same page. The two couples spend all day together, watching movies and eating lunch together. It is interesting to note that Karuizawa and Hirata have never actually been on a date as they both decided to go out since there was no other option. In the restaurant, they discuss their future plans. Ayanokouji is unsure and only says he might attend college after graduating high school.

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When the two couples part ways, Satou finally has some time alone with Ayanokouji to discuss her feelings. In order to avoid wasting time, she invites Ayanokouji to become her boyfriend. However, Ayanokouji does not seem at all interested. He does, however, make a plausible argument in front of Satou to ensure that she isn’t injured. Ayanokouji claims that he hasn’t been mature enough to love- in effect, denying the possibility of a relationship.

He further states that he had never ever had romantic feelings for any person in his past. Satou could see this coming, as she noted that Ayanokouji did not smile once throughout the meeting. Although he claimed that it was something he was not skilled at, his candid admissions were not convincing to his companion. Finally, Satou could not hold her emotions for long and began crying. She covered her face in her hands before running away to her bedroom.

What is the reason why Ayanokouji thinks that Karuizawa is his Ideal Pawn? Does he feel a connection with him?

Just as Satou departs, Ayanokouji tells Karuizawa to get out. She’s been sneaking up on the couple, staying in the bushes thus far, but Ayanokouji noticed her at one point in time during a conversation with Satou. The two sit down on the bench next to them to talk about recent events. When Karuizawa finally inquires about why Satou’s proposal didn’t work, Ayanokouji makes the case that she will never be able to replace her.

Even though she realizes that he sees everyone as mere pawns, Ayanokouji doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Karuizawa brought an ornament for Christmas to Ayanokouji, aware that he had not received anything. However, she does expect to receive cold medication for her after the discovery that she had gotten soaked in the early hours of that day.

It’s fascinating, considering Ayanokouji seldom shows any concern for anyone. As they walk back, He recalls the way he purposely waited to rescue Karuizawa from Ryuuen and then did all he could to force her to be psychologically dependent on him. He thinks there’s practically no chance that she will ever be able to trust him, and that makes her the perfect Pawn to play for him.

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But, Ayanokouji does seem to think about the possibility of romantic feelings between the two. After showing some concern for her wellbeing, these small but significant hints suggest the possibility of could be drawn to her. However, considering his past, it is to be highly unlikely. While he’s not likely to be in a relationship with her right now, there’s a slight but real possibility that they will be together during the next season. However, the fans will have to wait until the end of the season to discover the truth.

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