Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained

In the 11th episode in ‘ Class of the Elite season 2, titled “A Man Who Is Unable to Control Himself will Always be a Slave’, Ryuuen and his gang members are in Class D to find the mastermind. They pursue Kouenji immediately after Kounji leaves the room.

When they confront Kouenji, Kouenji claims that they are dealing with the wrong person because he is not interested in rivalries between various classes and thus is not the one who is the mastermind. In a desperate attempt to find out the truth, Ryuuen corners Karuizawa and can torture her to discover the identity of the person who runs Class D. This is everything you must be aware of in the conclusion of “Classroom of the Elite Season 2, episode 11. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

The next day, after Ayanokouji informs Karuizawa that she intends to break all ties with her, she awaits him at school. When Ayanokouji greets Karuizawa, Ayanokouji treats her like any other friend and doesn’t show any emotion. The next afternoon, Ryuuen visits Class D with his men and seems to be searching for someone. Once he notices Kouenji leaving the class, his group of students starts following him, disrupting the class.

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Ryuuen’s manner of speaking that he has thought of doing something sinister. So, Horikita, Ayanokouji, and others instantly spring into action. When they finally locate Ryuuen, Kouenji, and others, they feel the tension rising. And to make matters even more difficult, Sakayanagi is also there at the wrong moment and seems to be increasing the tension even more.

Ryuuen is straight and straightforward and asks Kouenji whether he is the one behind Class D who has been destabilizing his plans in recent times. Kouenji is adamant about the notion and claims that the man isn’t even interested in the political machinations of the different classes. Even with Ryuuen trying to formulate the strongest arguments, Kouenji still displays amazing restraint and control of his emotions.

When Ryuuen is finally threatened with having himself attacked by his men, Kouenji warns him the man he knocks down attempts to approach him. The fight eventually comes to an impasse, with Ryuuen not knowing the real identity of the mastermind. So, he decides to take the situation himself and employs extreme methods to discover the truth.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 11 Ending: Does Karuizawa Reveal Mastermind’s Identity? How Far is Ryuuen Willing to Go to Open Her Mouth?

Following the battle with Kouenji, who cannot produce the desired results, Ryuuen, in his desperation, is forced to seek out Karuizawa, the sole person with the full name of the mastermind, beyond even a shadow of a doubt. He sends her a few messages to invite her to a remote area on campus. Though cameras are everywhere within this school, Ryuuen and his accomplices can disable their cameras by accessing their control rooms. Therefore when Karuizawa arrives at the school, she’s standing in an inaccessible spot, where the school administration cannot effectively reach her for assistance.

Karuizawa is not wasting any time, and she asks Ryuuen why he brought her that. She is also curious about what prompted her to ask him about Manabe because she was bullying her until Ayanokouji was able to stop her. Ryuuen is direct. He asks Karuizawa to reveal the identity of the mastermind behind class Ds. While Karuizawa is shaken to her core, she attempts to appear confident and claims she doesn’t know him. However, Ryuuen has researched and informed Karuizawa that Manabe has been talking with Manabe.

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Manabe told him they were at her, threatening her before the mastermind intervened to save Karuizawa from their sway. Her words indicate that Kazuizawa was in close contact with the mastermind at some time, and therefore she’s lying at the moment. If it appears that she’s unlikely to open her mouth unaffectedly, Ryuuen and his gang attack her, knowing she has been targeted for a long time. But they don’t stop there. They employ the most desperate ways to obtain the information they require. Karuizawa is forced to endure waterboarding, a horrible method of torture, repeatedly and repeatedly.

Ryuuen continues to work to take her mental health down. However, Karuizawa is determined. When Karuizawa insists that there isn’t a mastermind, even after suffering through the torture of waterboarding, Ryuuen can decide that enough has been had. Ryuuen grabs his victim by the hair, and the incident ends at that point. Karuizawa will likely endure more torture in the future, as even waterboarding failed to allow her mouth to open. Ryuuen is determined and should no one save her. She’ll become scared of life.

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