Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

In the tenth episode ‘ of Classroom of the Elite season 2, titled “People, Often deceived by an illusive good Seek Their Ruin students in class D are closely observed by class C as Ayanokouji’s father arrives in the reception area to convince him to drop out from the school. After having used Karuizawa as a pawn for many years, Ayanokouji decides to end his ties to Karuizawa. This is everything you need to be aware of the conclusion of ‘Classroom of The Elite Season 2 episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Following the completion of the Paper Shuffle exam, the students in class D were happy that nobody was dismissed from school. As the study group led by Ayanokouji is having a conversation, they are shocked when they see the students in class A and B’s leaders having a great time and communicating with one another. However, they quickly turned their attention to the group and began discussing their plans for Christmas.

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Karuizawa discovers that a class C student has been following her at school. The student later informs Ayanokouji about it, and he simply asks her not to bother the student. Kiyotaka is then able to ask Karuizawa questions about her recent mission, and she tells her, to his surprise, the fact that her study group has been observed by a class A student, not a class C student. Although this sign is not clear, Kiyotaka has not explained any details to Karuizawa until now.

The next day Kiyotaka is called to follow Chabashira to go with her. She doesn’t provide any explanation but then leads Kiyotaka to the hotel reception. There, he discovers his father waiting to meet him. Prof. Ayanokouji advises Kiyotaka of the news that her butler Matsuo was dead due to an incident set by him. The professor then questions what prompted him to come to Advanced Nurturing High School and even asks him to leave the school, which Ayanokouji naturally declines.

Professor Ayanokouji contacts the school’s current director and asks whether he can assist him in any way. Even though Mr. Sakayanagi has been Secretary to him for a while, he informs professor Ayanokouji with regret that the school’s rules cannot be altered even if they want to. Because the school is a place that values students’ freedom above all else, Ayanokouji can, therefore, not be expelled if the school wants him to remain in the school.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 10 Ending: What is the White Room?

White room, also known as the White Room in Kenya, is an educational establishment established by Profession Ayanokouji around two decades ago. Their primary goal was to educate children without the traditional education system’s shortcomings. While students who have attended have the potential to outperform students from traditional schools, the white room possesses many deeply problematic methods. Indeed, Kiyotaka believes it is unnecessary from a human rights point of view.

The way of life there is so rigid and driven by efficiency that the students have difficulty bonding emotionally with others. The only spot outside the white space where an ex-student can go to a safe haven can be found in the Advanced Nurturing School that Ayanokouji recommended from his butler Matsuo.

Why Did Chabashira Lie About Knowing Ayanokouji’s Father?

Chabashira Like many others, Chabashira was driven by the need to be in Class A for a lengthy time. Unfortunately, she did not have any of her classmates that were smart enough to assist her in getting there. Therefore, when she discovered Ayanokouji, Chabashira immediately recognized his talents and realized that he was able to help her achieve what she had desired for so long. To be closer to him and build an alliance, she told Ayanokouji to claim that she knew her father. But, when Kiyotaka met with Professor Ayanokouji, he realized that Chabashira was sincere about her relationship with him and was using him to further her own goals.

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Why Does Ayanokouji Cut All Ties With Karuizawa?

After a night out with his father at college, Ayanokouji phoned Karuizawa to ensure she was okay. The former is shocked to learn that he can call her without asking for favors. But, Kiyotaka shocks her when it is revealed that he will cut all connections with her from now. Karuizawa didn’t anticipate that something like this was in Ayanokouji’s thoughts, and she is naturally wondering what could be the reason behind it.

Ayanokouji can then say that the reasons to aid Class D to do better and surpass other classes have ceased to exist. So, he won’t have any need for assistance from Karuizawa. However, Kiyotaka assures her that he’ll keep his word and provide all possible assistance if she’s experiencing any type of problem. Before cutting off the phone, he requests that Karuizawa erase any contact information that might indicate that they have ever communicated with one another.

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