City on the Hill Seasons 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending

The story is set in Boston in the 90s” City on a Hill is an enthralling story of justice and corruption. It is mostly about two characters. Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) represents the old Boston that is content to be in the past. Meanwhile, the Assistant District Attorney DeCourcy (Aldis Hodge) is the Boston, striving to be more effective as it prepares for the new millennium. In episode 6 of season 3 entitled ‘Tenderness,’ Jackie is killed.

Ward begins to prepare an evidence case for Sinclair Dryden. Chris Caysen receives a lucrative deal from the office of the DA. Siobhan has to deal with the ever-growing problem in her case before it turns into an unwelcome PR nightmare. While she is at it, Jenny finally does something to protect herself. This is all you should be aware of after “City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The story begins when Jackie is taken to the hospital. He was wounded while investigating what happened in the case of one victim. In the hospital, there is nobody from his previous stint in the capacity of an FBI officer who visits Ward. Ward eventually will, but it is because Siobhan gets him to believe in Ward to accept his invitation. Even the staff at the hospital recognizes what Jackie is and decides to stay clear of Jackie. After Jackie’s surgery, she is moved to a room he must share with a gay man in the hospital after being assaulted by local gangsters. The two have the same outlook on the world and instantly hate one another. Leticia comes by, and her actions lead Jen almost certainly to affirm that Jackie is in a relationship.

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Jen’s grumpy mother is back on the show, saying to her daughter that if Jackie dies, she’ll be moved back to her home. In the final moments of the episode, Jen goes for a night out with Doyle and kisses him while changing the script to reflect the relationship between Jen and Jackie from the beginning.

Guy Dan invites Chris to his office and informs Chris about the in-house investigation job. He also pairs Chris with Blair and asks them to identify the person responsible for bombing an abortion clinic. While they work, Ward tries to build an argument against Sinclair. However, he discovers that the majority of his victims of him are deceased or have left Boston, but he does find one woman who is still living in Boston.

Siobhan is facing a huge difficult task with her Great Dig case as a reporter pursues her, armed with information about the two of them committed several years ago. The incident prompts Siobhan to seek professional assistance before having an honest conversation with the reporter. Then, the reporter writes an article that exonerates her, allowing her to concentrate on her situation again.

City on a Hill Season 6 Episode 6 Ending: Who Shot Jackie?

Jackie hasn’t made that many acquaintances in his long career as a law enforcement officer, if the number of people who visit him indicates, but he certainly has faced plenty of adversaries. Despite his moral depravity, Jackie was an exceptional police officer when he wanted to be. Jackie believes that Sicilians are responsible for the attack but discovers from an FBI source that the entire members of the Mafia have been being held in prison.

There are only a handful of possible suspects, the most notable of which are those working for Sinclair. Jackie’s boss has a reason to pursue the man, particularly if Letitia has revealed to her boss that Jackie is investigating the victims. Sinclair is a powerful and influential individual who is a significant force in Boston. He is a member of an extended family of wealth and was also an executive director for the region in the FBI. If Sinclair knows that Jackie is a target, he will go after Jackie. However, the attack against Jackie is like two amateurs carried it out, and a man with Sinclair’s money and connections are not likely to hire amateurs.

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Therefore, if it isn’t the Mafia or Sinclair, it must be an associate of the person Jackie recently angered. The list of names could be too long. We are sure that it won’t be Doyle. Despite his past with the IRS and the IRS, it’s doubtful he’ll have two of his associates to take on Jackie. Therefore, we’re returning to either Mafia or Sinclair. From what we’ve seen from episode 6, it’s most likely Sinclair.

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